Open Kitchen FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Smart Kitchen Technology

Keeping an eye on multiple locations can be time-consuming for foodservice operators. It can also cost a lot of money and require additional labor. But with smart kitchen technology from Open Kitchen, the solutions that help increase operational efficiencies are right at your fingertips. An IoT-based solution to connect, analyze, and control key equipment, Open Kitchen monitors temperatures, provides real-time alerts, and provides workflow processes. We know smart kitchens and energy management software is new to some. That’s why we put together some of the most frequently asked questions we get from other operators and staff.

How Long Does Open Kitchen Take to Implement?

Every setup is different. But depending on the complexity of your commercial kitchen, including RTUs, how many pieces of equipment are included, and the number of sensors to be installed, it typically takes less than a day. And in some instances, less than a half day. Then once the smart kitchen technology connections are made and controls are live, the data starts to be uploaded into the cloud.

How Do You Connect Everything to the Internet?

Connections are made through a Wi-Fi network, Ethernet, or cellular network. It all depends on which one fits your needs best. Open Kitchen is certified PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 compliant so you can be sure your data is safe and secure.

Who Performs the Smart Kitchen Installation?

With a network across the United States, Powerhouse Dynamics works with trained installers, electricians, and HVAC techs. We only work with those licensed to perform work in the state where the installation occurs. Rather have your own HVAC/electrical contractor install your Open Kitchen system? We’re happy to provide them with remote support during the installation.

How Does Open Kitchen Help Me Save Money?

Controlling costs is top of mind for every operator. Open Kitchen helps businesses save money in multiple ways, including:

    • Proactively identifying issues with equipment, helping replace reactive repairs with proactive maintenance calls
    • Protecting foodservice businesses from food safety issues
    • Monitoring water usage, helping control water costs for restaurants
    • Providing information that allows operators to prioritize repairs and equipment replacements
    • Maintaining control over HVAC and other equipment to reduce their energy use
    • Identifying water leaks, allowing issues to be immediately addressed before additional damage occurs

Does Open Kitchen work on all Middleby equipment?

Most of it! Now, Open Kitchen comes integrated with select Middleby IoT enabled equipment. Open Kitchen has a 3-year bundled offer that can be included with an equipment purchase. Save several steps, installation time, and peace of mind when you go this route.

What’s the Warranty?

We’ve got you covered! All Open Kitchen equipment is under warranty for two years. The thermostats used are provided by a third-party vendor, so thermostat warranties are good for one year.

Take your commercial foodservice operation to the next level with energy management systems and smart kitchen technology that allow you to concentrate on other tasks required to run your business.

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