A Ventless Griddle That Can Go Just About Anywhere

In today’s age, foodservice equipment that’s versatile, can turn previously unused spaces into points of profit, and can operate in ventless environments are some of the most coveted units in the industry.

From stadiums looking to turn foyers into food courts to senior living facilities looking to making dining more convenient, having the ability to use a single unit in a wide variety of locations increases the impact and profitability of any foodservice program.

Evo Event Ventless Griddle

That’s the secret behind EVO’s EVent Ventless Griddle. You can cook a whole range of fun, appetizing menu items right in front of the customer, and you can do it anywhere, without the need for a vent or hood.

With EVent, grease, smoke, and exhaust is pulled across the cooking surface to vents along the parameter using a series of filters, including an electrostatic precipitator, that removes smoke and grease particulates before exhausting clean air.

EVent has a little bit of history behind it. As a winner of the 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association, it was viewed as a groundbreaking unit, a sentiment that has continued over the last five years. As a quick review, check out a few layouts and concepts where EVO EVent was critical.


If you’re interested in EVO EVent and other ventless cooking equipment, be sure to check out the Middleby Ventless Cooking Guide.

middleby ventless guide

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