Everyday Is Earth Day With Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef

Founded over 50 years ago, Earth Day reminds everyone that there are little things everyone can do every day to help the planet. An easy, tasty way to celebrate the Earth is to grow vegetables and edible plants for your restaurant.

While every foodservice operation doesn’t have space for a full-sized garden, a Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef can help any business bring the garden inside.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

On average, food in the United States travels almost 1,500 miles from the fields to the plate. Traveling that far means using trucks to ship the food around the country. Larger 18-wheeler trucks only average about four to six gallons of gas per mile, putting a lot of stress on the environment. The Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef allows foodservice operations to grow up to 40 different herb and microgreens selections easily in a fully automated ecosystem. Which helps rescue the carbon footprint impact used to transport the greens and elevate your menu.

Increase Nutrition

Once produce is picked, it starts to lose its nutritional value. Specific vitamins and nutrients, such as A, C, B-6 and folic acid, begin to deteriorate as they get exposed to light and heat according to the University of Akron. So, produce Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef GC41that is picked in California and then shipped to North Carolina isn’t going to be as nutrient-dense by the time it arrives. Eat local takes on a whole new meaning with GardenChef. Being able to grow greens in your restaurant gives them a crisper and fresher taste. There’s also a savings value since you only use what you need and won’t need to thrown greens away once they wilt or go bad.

Grow Any Time, Any Place

Eating food when it’s in season is great because you can be sure that it has all of its nutrients and didn’t sit in a warehouse. But eating in season isn’t always possible for every foodservice operation. The Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef allows herbs and microgreens to always be in season. With programmed watering and lighting cycles, it’s its own encased ecosystem. The GardenChef also has glass doors that allow you to showcase your greens anywhere you’d like, making it a piece of art in addition to a self-contained garden.

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