Endless Opportunities With Blodgett Hoodini Ventless Solutions

Cooking in a commercial kitchen for a college or university can have a lot of limitations and costs involved. Traditional convection ovens need to have overhead hoods, limiting where they get placed. Ventilation systems incur additional expenses that can eat into your foodservice operation’s profits.

Now imagine not having those additional costs and limits. Imagine being able to cook in places you never previously considered having an oven. Open up a kiosk within your cafeteria or lobby area in a building that does not currently have foodservice. Or not having to pay fees and extra labor to maintain the ventilation system. All of this, and more, is imaginable with the Blodgett Hoodini Ventless Soultions.

Save On Overhead Costs

Having an oven hood is necessary to remove excess heat, smoke, and moisture that rises from Blodgett Convection CTB-wHood-Food-right-hi-res your commercial convection oven while cooking. The heat is taken in by fans and dissipated outside of the building through vents. To install a ventilation system, you need to have ductwork in place or pay for the ducts to be installed, which is an additional cost on top of the price of hood equipment. Not requiring a hood system over your commercial oven can save thousands of dollars in expenses. The Blodgett Ventless Hoodini™ Convection Oven eliminates the need to have a separate system installed since the integrated hood removes steam exhaust, smoke, and fumes.

Save On Labor Costs

According to Restaurant365.com, restaurant profit margins are typically between 3% and 6%. Controlling labor costs helps increase your restaurant’s profit, but having too little labor can impact customer service. So finding ways to reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality is a struggle. Blodgett Ventless eliminates the need for hood cleaning, saving on labor and maintenance costs. Save on regular maintenance and PM (preventative maintenance) costs with an easy to use system that lets you know exactly when to replace the filter. The filter replacement does not require a service technician to complete and can be done quickly and easily in house.

Create A Profit Center

If you think your kitchen is too small or it’s designed with angles that don’t allow you to have Blodgett Convection Zeph-wHood-Food-left-hi-resan equipment hood, think again. The Ventless Convection Ovens will enable you to create a profit center where you never imaged one. Looking to cook away from a traditional kitchen? Create a revenue center on campus in a non-traditional area with high traffic. Need to cook in a place where it isn’t affordable or not possible to install ductwork for an exhaust hood? Older buildings or areas that do not have an existing exhaust system are not a road block anymore. The Blodgett Hoodini  Ventless Convection Solutions allow business owners to think outside the box. If you thought it was too expensive to get ovens in places that don’t have traditional kitchens, think again. There are also no restrictions on the products and recipes you can cook in the Blodgett Ventless Convection Ovens, making your menu options as endless as the places you can now cook.

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