Elevating the Iced Coffee Experience with Marco POUR’D

There are many profitable coffee trends in today’s foodservice and hospitality industries, and despite the associated challenges, coffee provides a huge earning potential for operators. Owners of coffee houses, restaurants, hotels, and even bars can enjoy a tremendous opportunity to exceed financial goals in a business category where pumpkin-spiced lattes and craft brews give your commercial business access to a 500-million-dollar market.

That’s where Marco POUR’D and 40 years of beverage expertise come into the picture. From latte bars to gastropubs and large corporate beaneries, Marco is known for innovative, energy-efficient, and style coffee brewing and beverage dispensing equipment that transforms businesses into destinations. Learning how to serve iced coffee properly is paramount and may seem simple, but it plays a significant role in the overall coffee experience for customers. Marco can help.

The Art Iced Coffee: Why Experience Matters

There are a lot of coffee trends in the food and beverage world today, but serving great quality, consistent cold brew is absolutely essential for any coffee shop. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for cold brew, and they expect a certain experience; Baristas and service team members need to understand that speed-of-service, consistency, and taste are essential when it comes to cold coffee. 

For any business seeking to add cold coffee to their menu, the Marco POUR’D allows them to create the best experience for their customers, whilst driving profits and saving waste.

POUR’D is a flexible solution that can save labor and preparation time for cold coffee beverages. This programmable system automates concentrate dilution, meaning staff can dispense consistent, high-quality cold coffee drinks with the push of a button. Ultimately this creates a more positive customer experience as baristas or servers don’t need to waste time mixing their coffee or walking back-of-house to a refrigerator. It can also drive profits up as it frees up time to serve more customers more efficiently. 

Additionally, a well-poured cold coffee creates an appealing visual presentation, adding to customers’ overall enjoyment and satisfaction. By mastering cold coffee service, you elevate the coffee experience, showcase your skills as a barista, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Mastering the Perfect Iced Coffee Ratio with the Marco POUR’D

One way to ensure perfect cold coffee every time is by using a coffee concentrate and understanding the right water to coffee ratio. Getting the ratio right is vital to profit margins, ensuring the perfect balance of flavors, and preventing the over-dilution of the coffee. The key to using coffee concentrate is to understand the accurate concentration ratio that suits the final beverage.

The recommended water-to-coffee ratio for iced coffee is generally 1:1 or even higher, depending on personal preference. This means using an equal amount of coffee concentrate to water. Hot coffee is generally diluted 5:1 to allow for the final beverage to be hot enough. 

Brewhouses and coffee shops should also consider the size of the ice cubes versus the number of ounces poured so customers can enjoy an icy-cold iced beverage without sacrificing taste. Not to mention, choosing the right ice can keep coffee lovers returning multiple times a day for refills because they might consume drinks with more ice faster.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Creative Iced Coffee Recipes

With more than 150 million consumers preferring specialty coffee flavors, it’s essential to offer a diverse menu for a variety of tastes. Iced mochas, caramel iced coffee, and Mexican iced coffee are just a few options that can be essential in creating new revenue. The POUR’D system can be programmed to dispense a single shot of coffee concentrate, which can be added to milkshakes or blended drinks. 

Caffeine enthusiasts want choices depending on cost, mood, and the weather. By offering trending flavors, coffee houses will attract a large, existing customer base known for repeat business, ultimately boosting profits. Specialty coffee drinks like white chocolate lattes and iced caramel swirls also come at higher prices than regular coffee because they usually include additional coffee-flavored ingredients like syrups, sauces, whipped cream, or toppings.

In such a demanding beverage landscape, coffee shops and taverns may need help to keep baristas and foodservice teams focused on serving exceptional drinks with a smile and delighting customers during extended rush hours. By choosing profit-generating beverage dispensing solutions from Marco Beverage Systems for your cafe, bar, or espresso lounge, staff will have the extra help needed to serve iced coffees quicker and easier every time.

Discover more about how Marco POUR’D can help your beverage business.

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