The Easy-to-Use Combi Oven for School Cafeterias

Throughout the foodservice landscape, labor and staffing shortages are at the top of the list of challenges. Finding, hiring, training, and retaining impactful people has been challenging at best, and we expect this trend to continue into the future. In school cafeterias, the same challenges exist.

According to Food Management Magazine, labor shortages are expected again this year and districts need to make up lost cafeteria revenue from last school year. The best way for school nutrition directors to deal with these issues is to find ways to cut labor without sacrificing service and using equipment that new employees can catch onto quickly. With school ovens that are easy to use, this job can be a lot easier.

The Combi Oven That’s Easy to Use

Combination oven technology is great in schools because it combines both convection oven technology with steaming capabilities. The combination of the two allows school nutrition directors to deliver high-quality foods prepared using cooking methods that also preserve nutritional values, but not all combi ovens are easy to use.

Blodgett Combi ovens use innovative controls to help make their operation easier. With an Android-based interface that’s organized in a smartphone-like manner, cafeteria staff can use Blodgett Combi’s BCT Controls to employ multiple cooking modes, automatically control humidity levels within the cabinet, and store up to 1,000 different recipes grouped by categories on the menu.

With programmed menu items, operators can even include up to 15 steps of the cooking process to make it easier for staff, saving them valuable time and energy while also ensuring quality and consistency that keep students participating. Units are designed for one-touch operation for both cooking and cleaning, and they allow for the production of smaller batches, if needed, which can reduce the volume of food waste.

Traditionally, it’s been difficult for foodservice operators to try out foodservice equipment before making a purchase. People almost never buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, so why can’t we have the same buying patterns for foodservice equipment?


Take Blodgett Combi For A Test Drive

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