Deliver Nutritious Meals with a Durable Steamer for Healthcare Foodservice

In hospitals, healthcare facilities, and in long-term or senior care communities, the role of nutrition takes on more importance than in other types of foodservice operations. For individuals facing illness, injury, or the challenges of advanced age, dietary choices can significantly impact their health outcomes.

In this context, steam cooking is highlighted as a valuable cooking method for preparing nourishing and easily digestible meals in healthcare facilities. Steam cooking offers several advantages, including preserving essential nutrients and flavors in foods. No matter the level of care a patient requires, steam cooking helps you deliver quality ingredients for nutritious meals.

Delivering Quality and Consistency: Selecting a Durable Steamer for Healthcare Foodservice

In the demanding realm of senior living and healthcare foodservice, the importance of dependable and efficient cooking equipment cannot be overstated. When it comes to steam cooking, healthcare and hospital foodservice directors require a robust commercial steamer that can endure the rigors of their operations. Enter the Market Forge Eco-Tech Plus® ETP-10E, thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of institutional kitchens.

ETP-10E-FoodThe Eco-Tech Plus by Market Forge is an Atmospheric Steam Generator equipped with a self-contained water filter system. What does this mean for healthcare foodservice directors? It translates into significant energy and water savings, which can positively impact operational costs.

The Eco-Tech Plus steamers incorporate a water management system that reduces water consumption while delivering substantial energy cost savings. Compared to other convection steamers, this steamer can save 80-100 gallons of water per hour. Moreover, it boasts an ENERGY STAR® rating, operating at 40 to 70 percent cooking efficiency, leading to thousands of dollars in annual energy cost savings for a healthcare facility.

With two independent cooking compartments, each equipped with its own generator, operators gain increased steam capacity, flexibility, and improved cooking results. There’s no flavor transfer, allowing staff to simultaneously prepare different types of dishes efficiently.

The Market Forge Guarantee

Market Forge stands by its products with the Service First® Repair Program. If an Eco-Tech Plus commercial steamer ever requires repairs, rest assured that downtime won’t impact healthcare foodservice operations. Certified technicians guarantee a response time of six hours or less, 24/7, at no additional cost. Plus, operators get a one-year warranty on all Service First installed parts, ensuring uninterrupted food steaming.

In today’s healthcare foodservice landscape, where maintaining food quality and freshness is paramount, the Eco-Tech Plus can also serve as a holding cabinet. It keeps cooked food at precise temperatures, ready for timely delivery to patients and staff. Furthermore, using the steamer for re-therming can reduce prep time and labor demands.

In an era of tight staffing and cost constraints, commercial steamers like the Eco-Tech Plus offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. Request a quote today to learn how this equipment can enhance your healthcare foodservice operations.

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