Trendy Drink Options With Starline Bubbler Beverage Dispenser

Consumers are paying more attention to safer alternatives in every aspect of their lives, including thoughts towards health and wellness. In the beverage world, this translates into more consumption of non-alcoholic and healthier beverages.

Providing customers a selection of healthier drink options allows your foodservice establishment to offer an alternative to carbonated, sugary drinks while keeping on top of trends.

Tea Sales On The Rise

Food and Beverage Insider reports that sales for refrigerated ready-to-drink teas have risen almost 10% over the past year, and that consumers’ perception of tea as ‘healthy and calming’ could be the reason why. In addition to teas, other healthier drink options to offer to customers could include orange juice, electrolyte waters, and cranberry juice. Some customers like to create a mix of drinks (think an Arnold Palmer drink, which combines iced tea and lemonade), so having several drink options is always a good idea.

Providing Drinks & Saving Money

Having a variety of drink options if your business sells only canned drinks can cause a storage and labor issue. Canned drinks must be inventoried and stored. Multiple cases of cans can also get very heavy, very quickly if moving them is needed. Having a drink machine on hand allows you to have a set station where your employees can serve the drinks. Or, if you’re looking to save on laborStarline Bubbler Drink Dispenser costs, a drink machine allows customers to serve themselves. When you’re purchasing cans of drinks to sell, you’re paying a premium price. With a drink machine, your business’s cost is minimal, making for a better margin on beverages.

Wunder-Bar’s Starline Bubbler Beverage Dispenser is the perfect solution to provide healthier, non-carbonated drink choices while saving on storage space. Starline attractively moves drinks from the bottom of the well to the top, helping stir and refrigerate the drink. Customers can serve themselves while the removable drip tray allows for easy cleanup of spills. Available in single or double bowls, the Starline Bubbler is a great addition to any foodservice business.

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