Deliver Nitro Coffee to Your C&U Campus

In a year full of change, it’s always good to look for the constants. And if there are any aspects of food and beverage you can count on remaining the same, it’s that college students will continue to drink coffee.

A few years ago, the National Coffee Association did a deep dive into consumer trends for the coveted C&U demographic. What they discovered was coffee held the number two beverage choice of all college students, second behind bottled water. And as a “pick-me-up” beverage for those late-night cram sessions, coffee was by far the favorite, with more than half of respondents choosing it.

One of the driving factors of the growing popularity of coffee is the growing availability of coffee styles. From premium espresso beverages to cold brew and the more recent nitro coffee trend, C&U foodservice directors can create an abundance of potential profit points just by offering diverse coffee drinks.

Introducing Joe Tap

joe tapOf all the innovative coffee drinks that have taken the industry beyond simple drip coffee beverages, nitro coffee is on the cutting edge of those changes, especially over the last few years. The cool and calming cascading effect of tiny nitrogen bubbles working their way to the top of the glass coupled with the smooth taste and texture nitro can provide make nitro coffee a huge hit on college campuses.

It can be hard to serve, though, without the right equipment. And even if the right equipment is available, it can often be overkill from the bare necessities required to successfully serve nitro coffee. There’s where Joe Tap can help, easily dispensing nitro coffee that will help drive sales and get students through the day.

But coffee is just a drop in the cup. Joe Tap dispensing units are versatile. They can also be used to serve flavored teas, lemonade, and just about any other type of beverage. They can even be used for cocktails!

Compact, consistent, reliable, and easy-to-use, Joe Tap will help ensure every single sip is enjoyable, both from the customer perspective and the operator’s.

Learn more about the innovations (and profits) you can create with Joe Tap. Schedule a free beverage consultation with a Middleby expert to learn more.

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