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If you’re delivering pizzas, you already know about the issues that can plague the process. Sending out pizzas that are cold on arrival or damp and soggy isn’t the way to get repeat customers. The age-old question for pizza delivery programs has always been, “How do you get your pizza to your customers in the same condition it came out of the oven?”

Demand for pizza delivery continues to increase dramatically, and so have the consumers’ standards for pizza delivery quality. When delivering fresh pizza to customers, there are expectations to have hot pizza, not warm. Delivering a crisp crust is just as important. Standard heated pizza delivery bags keep pizza hot, but they can also hold moisture in, turning your nice, crisp crusts into a soggy mess. Not the right solution when you want to make a perfect impression on your customers and keep them coming back from more.

Maintain Temperature and Crispiness

Keeping your pizza in the same condition as it was when it left the restaurant can seem like a big challenge to overcome. With delivery orders on the rise, ensuring product fits your quality standards is more important than ever. Delivering pizza that isn’t crisp and hot might mean losing customers to the competition. But with CookTek pizza delivery systems to control temperature and humidity for up to 30 minutes, that challenge is gone.

Preserve Quality with Pizza Delivery Systems

The CookTek Pizza Delivery System delivers hot pizza like it’s fresh out of the oven. This innovative delivery system uses an induction disc to keep up to three pizzas ready for delivery for up to 30 minutes, and it can be initially charged in under two minutes while recharging in as little as 60 seconds. It includes a cordless delivery bag system that has a VaporVent lid, keeping food fresh and crisp. Deliveries need to be efficient for restaurants, especially pizzerias, who are juggling a high influx of delivery orders at the same time. The Pizza Delivery System can hold up to three pizzas in the thermal pizza bag, keeping multiple pizza orders hot and fresh on the same trip.

Induction Delivery Solutions Deliver Better Pizza

Induction delivery solutions redefine pizza delivery. Whether it’s by hand, in vehicles, or on the back of a bike. Whether it takes three minutes or 30 minutes, CookTek helps eliminate delivery issues, making it easier to turn a profit on your pizza business through superior pizza quality.

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