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As more colleges and universities work on reopening, making sure there are food options on campus is important. While there are new concerns in the foodservice industry because of COVID, there are other things to consider to keep students and staff eating on campus.

In addition to quickness of service, today’s college students are, according to the National Restaurant Association, looking for diverse menu choices and locally acquired food options. Providing all of these for a unique on-campus dining experience is possible with Crown Steamers.

Cooking Healthy

A simple way of preparing food without severely altering the texture and helping to retain its nutritional value, steaming has been a popular cooking method for thousands of years. Converting water into gas through a heating process, this hot gas, the steam, looks for the coolest part of the food to evenly cook. With no need for oils, and only using heat and water, steaming is a healthy cooking option that is perfect for preparing vegetables, seafood, pre-cooked meats like sausages, poultry, and even desserts.

Cooking For Different Taste Buds

Steaming food isn’t a long process so trays and pans of food can be prepared to handle the rush, providing variety and getting students through the food venues faster. While poultry needs to be steamed to specific temperatures, vegetables can be cooked based on personal preference with crisper vegetables being steamed for a shorter period of time and more tender veggies steamed for longer times.

Steaming is a process that is known throughout the world. So many diverse menu choices stand up well to steaming. Offering steamed options such as couscous, quinoa, spring rolls, mussels, tofu and meat buns provides a menu that isn’t just the basic college fare. It also includes food choices for a student body that grows older and more diverse every day.

Saving Time & Resources

Crown Steamers help colleges and universities cook a variety of food items fit for any menu. With cooking options for diverse menu options, steamers provide healthy alternatives to fried foods and a way to serve food quickly so students and staff aren’t tempted into leaving campus. Available in heavy duty freestanding and counter steamers, countertop units offer versatility no matter the size of your kitchen. Crown Steamers are easy to clean, watch your bottom line for water and energy consumption, and have rebates available in certain markets. Saving time, labor, and resources.

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