Creating Safe Air in Senior Care Communities With UVC Air Purification

There’s some great news as it relates to COVID-19 and senior care communities. Reports show that coronavirus cases are falling in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities as more and more people in the 65+ age groups receive their vaccinations.

While all this is great news, there are still many challenges ahead as it relates to COVID-19. And as we get past the current pandemic and look to the future, there are things long-term healthcare communities learned that will likely serve as mitigation efforts in the future.

Communal dining spaces and dining rooms rank right at the top.

As you’d expect, meal times are some of the most rewarding for long-term care residents. This is the one time of day when they can get together with friends, socialize, and eat together. It’s an important part of overall resident health, so when these spaces became the focal point of COVID-19 spread early on in the pandemic, it forced almost all long-term care and senior care communities into eliminating this type of meal service. Instead, residents were forced into their rooms where meals were delivered to them, unable to dine in a more social setting.

At the same time, these spaces are often the areas of the facility where guests are most likely to visit residents. It’s not just important to help keep residents safe. Operators need to keep air clean for guests and staff, as well.

As we emerge from those days and begin to reopen dining rooms, it’s still important to make sure air is as clean as possible. In the future, facilities will take lessons learned from the past year and will enact air purification measures to help mitigate for future events. In both cases, air purification is a key component, but with HVAC and filtration methods, this can be expensive and labor intensive.

An Easy and Effective Way to Clean Air in Long-Term Care Communities

Instead of costly HVAC modifications, senior care and long term healthcare communities can turn to a proprietary ultraviolet technology instead. Bluezone Viral Kill Units from Middleby employ a patented, ultraviolet technology that kills up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including SARS-CoV-2, or the coronavirus. Air is pulled into a chamber, is scrubbed of contaminants, and is sent out — clean — on the other side.

Bluezone can also run all day long, 24/7, unlike other types of air purification units that can only run in off times with no guests or staff around. Even when the Bluezone logo is illuminated indicating the unit is running, everyone can continue with business as usual.


Bluezone units are now available for your long-term care community. Take the next step in creating safer air, and get more information today.

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