Creating Memories With The Best Commercial Bakery Equipment

The aroma of bread baking and the taste of a warm, crusty loaf fresh out of the oven invokes deep feelings and even memories that can last a lifetime. By producing only top quality baked goods, you’re setting your bakery apart from the others. Baking is a process that historically takes a lot of time. From mixing the ingredients, proofing the dough and then baking, the amount of time it takes to produce freshly baked bread adds up in labor and costs. So how can bakeries and restaurants save time while baking? By using the best commercial bakery equipment available that doesn’t put a strain on labor, force employees to lift heavy tools, and bakes quickly and evenly.

Safety in the Kitchen 

Varimixer KODIAKMixing ingredients for a commercial operation is a heavy process that can turn dangerous. Lifting large bowls and bags of ingredients can put a strain on the body. The design of the Varimixer KODIAK was created to help professional bakers meet daily demands. With a focus on working positions and heavy lifting, the mixing bowl of the KODIAK sits on a wheeled cart that can be loaded and then moved to the mixer. When done, the mixing bowl easily tips to empty the dough onto a work surface, eliminating the need to lift heavy bowls from mixer to counter. 

Need additional help lifting bowls? Varimixer Electronic Bowl Lifts remove and transfer heavy bowls anywhere you need them. Large batch transfer just got easier.

Safety isn’t only for prep work. Preventative measures to avoid burns from bakery ovens lower worker’s compensation claims and prevent loss of labor. Doyon Circle Air Ovens feature a removable rotating rack system so staff can safely load dough. They also eliminate the need to physically rotate products during the baking process.  

Automation at Work 

Assistance from automation saves time in the baking process and lets employees focus on other tasks that need to be completed. Just aDoyon CA6X oven with proofer base push of a button to set the time and speed, and the KODIAK does the rest. There’s no special training required, which also saves on labor. 

With the Doyon Circle Air oven, staff doesn’t need to memorize recipes. Simply upload and store up to 32 unique recipes through the USB port. Add a proofing base, and you have a one-stop shop. 

The Doyon Perfect Proofer accommodates roll-in racks, and allows kitchens to configure how many are needed to keep up with demand. It can be built onsite to alleviate any size constraints from narrow spaces. NU-VU proofers have racks built-in and are available in single-door full size and half size.

Test your recipes on any of our bakery equipment by scheduling a demo at a local test kitchen near you.


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