Creating Comfort on College Campuses

College and university students live busy lifestyles. While the bulk of their time is dedicated to grades, social lives, and the football team’s ranking, students can take comfort knowing their foodservice program has studied trends and implemented best practices to make those trends come to life.

The reality is students don’t have a lot of time to think about what C&U foodservice directors are doing to keep them well-fed, so any efforts to help students save time can be as comforting as some of the comfort foods that come off the cafeteria range.

Quick grab-n-go food options, meal kits, takeout, and delivery are all important factors on today’s campuses. It shouldn’t be any surprise to see these dining habits driving C&U foodservice trends, and foodservice directors are leaning into these trends on campuses all across the country.

Takeout and Delivery is leading the way on college campuses

Takeout and delivery have been important dining options for college students for decades now, but the recent pandemic has brought them to the forefront even more. Today, though, technological advances have reduced friction in the ordering and delivery process. From mobile menus and orders to pick-up cabinets and delivery services, the tools available to C&U foodservice directors are more innovative than ever, which makes takeout and delivery foodservice easier than ever.

Grab-n-go foods are desirable and profitable

As students race across campus to catch their next class there isn’t always time to stop for a sit-down meal, much less a lazy one. Grab-n-go options give operators the ability to still provide needed nourishment while working within the schedules of busy students. With the right solutions located in the right places, a grab-n-go foodservice program can change foodservice on college campuses while turning what might otherwise be unused areas into profit points.

Precooked meal kits are gaining in popularity

Meal kits have been popular with foodie families for several years now, and that popularity has only grown. One area of growth is on college campuses. From frozen and par-cooked meals to build-your-own pizza kits, this level of service is attractive to off-campus residents, as well, giving them an option to grab dinner on campus without the need for an additional stop. That just saved 20 minutes.

How can a professional gas range help support these trends?

A commercial stovetop can help alleviate many college dining hall problems by providing much-needed versatility in a C&U kitchen or commissary. They support processes that work for both on-site and off-campus dining, from grab-n-go items like soups or pasta to take-home meal kits that just need a reheat in a dorm microwave.

Professional gas ranges from Southbend help provide these capabilities and more, with different range series being ideal for certain types of situations.

Learn more about Southbend ranges. Discover details on the features and benefits, as well as how they’ll impact operations in a C&U kitchen or cafeteria.


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