Get Funding to Create Safe Air in Schools

The period between drop off and pick up can be the most nerve-wracking time in the day for parents. This is when families trust schools and educators to ensure students are safe in their learning environments. On the heels of the recent pandemic, this means keeping air safe and clear from harmful viruses, much less the standard school colds that go around every year.

As a result of the recent pandemic, efforts to help ensure safety and slow the spread of the coronavirus have been widespread at all levels of government. According to details in the coronavirus rescue proposal from the Biden Administration, there is a large emphasis — and a significant amount of money — dedicated to achieving these goals. This means that government efforts to make air safer in our schools also come with money to help make those goals attainable.

Biden’s plan included $130 billion to help schools reopen and to make them safer in the future. School districts across the country can use these funds to source personal protective equipment, ensure schools have the needed school nursing resources, and help improve ventilation and air purification systems. That means there will likely be free money for school districts to implement ultraviolet air purification without the need to alter HVAC systems. Although schools have reopened, many are still looking for ways to help provide peace of mind to parents by making the air safer, and there’s government funding to help schools acquire these types solutions. Money from the American Rescue Plan will be available for allocation to schools through their state education department through September 30, 2024.

Introducing Bluezone Viral Kill Units in Schools

Bluezone Airflow through the Unit

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Bluezone® by Middleby Viral Kill Units are proven to destroy 99.9995% of viruses and other contaminants, including COVID-19. Units can be mounted in the ceiling, on a wall bracket or placed in floor stands. The Bluezone units work by pulling indoor air into a reaction chamber where it is scrubbed using a patented ultraviolet germicidal light process that destroys the RNA of the coronavirus. This essentially strips the virus of the ability to reproduce.

The CDC recognizes the effectiveness of UV germicidal light in killing the coronavirus as well as molds and bacteria. This means air purification systems like Bluezone could be funded through federal relief measures.

Bluezone units are now available. Click below to take the next step towards safer air in your schools.

Make Your Space Safer

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