Create Buzzworthy Adult Slushies With Zamboozy™

Nothing says summertime vacation like a frozen drink. And as the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail market continues to grow, offering your customers frozen beer, wine mixers and cocktails is easy with the Taylor Company’s Zamboozy™.

Keep Up With Demand

The Zamboozy™ makes it easy for your establishment to create unique frozen drinks. Simply attach a CO2 tank, along with a keg or cocktail tank of choice, and you are ready to create frozen adult slushies. By using CO2 as a propellant, the product you serve maintains its effervescence and wows your customers. And with its double-barrel design, you can serve both frozen beer and frozen cocktails from one machine – giving you double the profits with just one Zamboozy™!

According to Grand View Research, the RTD market is expected to grow by 12% over the next sixZamboozy Frozen Cocktail years. As demand for frozen cocktails rises, so does the importance of making it faster and easier to serve them. Having ready to serve frozen drinks not only increases customer satisfaction, but profitability too. With a freeze time between eight and twelve minutes, using a Zamboozy™ can help your bar or restaurant keep up with high demands for frozen cocktails at peak times. The remote fill design allows you to premix your cocktails in a 5-gallon tank and freeze down on demand — saving bartenders a lot of effort versus making them individually. The Zamboozy™ allows you to deliver frozen cocktails that are consistently light and flavorful with every pour.

Making It Fun

Creative adult slushies are options that will definitely make your business stand out from the competition. Vodka mixers, seltzers, frosé and stouts are just a few ways to create an elevated, frozen drink menu. Easily change it up for seasons or holidays to create signature LTOs just for your business – Do you have a favorite lemonade beer? Or carry a signature Christmas lager? Swap out cocktail tanks for beer kegs and offer customers a new twist on craft beers. According to Wine Enthusiast Magazine, award-winning breweries around the country are making beer slushies, and they’re becoming a popular option at craft breweries and beer festivals too. Draw in the crowd by offering your own.

Ready For Their Closeup

What’s the fun of going on vacation or out with friends and not capturing a picture to share on social media? Frozen beer and cocktails served from a ZamboozyTM look beautiful when layered and can attract a lot of attention online. A great way to involve your customers and get some organic coverage, is to encourage them to take photos of their adult slushies, share on social media platforms, and tag your business. If the drinks weren’t exciting enough on their own, you can make the ZamboozyTM a focal point for customers – include your own branding on the backlit display of the machine or purchase the optional barrel façade to immediately draw attention to your frozen drinks. Make sure customers don’t forget to take and share a picture of your Zamboozy in action!

Find out how Zamboozy can help your bar or restaurant get in on the demand for frozen beer, wine, and cocktail drinks and pour on the profits.

Serve Up Adult Slushies

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