Overcoming the Challenges of Quality Food Delivery

If you’re like the rest of the country, you’ve likely increased your frequency of food delivery. This goes for both the restaurant perspective and from that of the consumer. We’re sending out more food via delivery and we’re consuming more of it, as well.

The increase in customers desire to have their food delivered translates to opportunities for operators who are pivoting to more delivery-based models, especially for those operations paying close attention to the details required to provide and maintain high quality.

In many cases, some of the establishments that are doing the pivoting are full service and fine dining restaurants that never considered a delivery or takeout option in the past. Now they’re adding new delivery options to the menu while still wanting to provide the same great food experiences they offered pre-COVID in the dining room.

Food delivery comes with some challenges.


Even before the coronavirus, food safety was the number one goal of food delivery. This means keeping foods at the right temperatures throughout the cooking, holding, and delivery process. Foods should be safely sealed in conditions that promote ideal temperatures for both hot and cold menu items. Also consider tamper-free packaging options to ensure that all items remain unexposed to any potential pathogens through the entire delivery process.


Containers should be designed to promote the perfect quality of your menu items. Excess moisture caused by quick-changing temperatures can lead to soggy foods that nobody wants to eat, or re-order next week. Foods should also be packaged securely to avoid spillage.

As it relates to packing up orders, hot foods should be kept with other hot foods, and cold foods should be kept with other cold foods. Consider how they will travel from the kitchen to the guest. Sometimes simple assembly of ingredients might be required once foods reach their destinations, so consider instructions.


We’ve come a long way from the standard, insulated delivery bags. The fun and games of the 1980s have evolved into high-tech, precision food delivery, and that cutting edge technology today is induction. Many know induction as a way to cook, but it’s also a way to deliver quality.

Food delivered fresh and hot develops a loyal customer base that will reorder in the future, and that’s exactly what solutions from CookTek® are designed to create. Their induction food delivery systems are extensions of the cooking process, using heating elements to retain flavor and warmth as if products were served directly from the oven.

CookTek ThermaCube

cooktek thermacubeOne of the most recognized food delivery systems in the industry, the CookTek ThermaCube allows for heated delivery for up to 30 minutes while eliminating the potential for cold and soggy food. With a ThermaCube, operators can control temperature and humidity levels to precise levels. A VaporVent™ also removes the any condensation buildup that can totally destroy food quality.

ThermaCube graphic

CookTek Pizza Delivery System

cooktek pizza delivery systemAny pizza connoisseur will tell you pizza is at its best when it’s right out of the oven. At the same time, we all know pizza delivery is one of the biggest profit centers in foodservice, especially as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic. The solution, then, is to find a delivery system that holds pizza in that post-oven state until it reaches the customer’s front door. Piping hot, crispy pizza is exactly what you get with the induction-driven Pizza Delivery System from CookTek.

Pizza Delivery System Middleby Graphic (2)

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