Cooking On The High Seas With Lang Marine

When people think of cruising, they think of visiting new destinations, lying by the pool, and of course, the food. While every dish has to stand out and delight each passenger, preparing meals while at sea can be challenging. Lang Marine has the equipment needed to feed any passenger list, small or large.

Cooking At Sea Safely

When cooking on a floating vessel, safety is the first priority. In tight quarters, on anLange Marine CLS36-right_angle enclosed vessel, equipment must be designed specifically for life on the water. Having ovens with doors that don’t lock or non-marine-grade electrical voltage can be a disaster in the making. Approved by the United States Coast Guard, Lang Marine constructs their ranges and convection ovens with safety features, including locking tabs for drawers, latches for oven doors, and flanged feet so they can be bolted securely down. Griddles and fryers have a locking grease trap door. And all Lang Marine equipment is wired for marine voltage to prevent electrical issues.

Versatility and Durability

With the average ship holding around 3,000 guests, there is a lot of food to beLang Marine Range prepared on cruise ships. With multiple dining venues, midnight buffets, individual celebrations, and room service, food on a cruise ship is prepared 24 hours a day. So it’s crucial for staff to have multiple ways to prepare large quantities of meals.

Consistently preparing food means that kitchen equipment must be durable enough to withstand continuous usage and be versatile. Lang Marine ranges and have multiple top options, such as griddles, to help you fit your cooking needs. Deck ovens and convection ovens are stackable, making it easier to bake and roast dishes at independent temperatures allowing for simultaneous cooking of different dishes. Giving your staff the flexibility to cook to order, even when preparing meals for hundreds at a time.

Lang Marine products are built in the United States and made with 430-grade stainless steel to minimize corrosion from salt-air exposure.

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