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The past year has seen an enormous change in the restaurant industry. Restaurant Business reports that the way Americans ordered from restaurants shifted in 2020, and ordering food to go was at the top of the list.

With increases in the popularity of drive-thru and delivery options, wait times for food saw an unavoidable increase. Studies show that drive-thru wait times increased by almost 30 seconds in 2020, which, in the food industry, can severally impact profits if customers get frustrated and leave. Finding solutions to producing food with minimal wait times is imperative to foodservice operations to retain customers.

A Great Customer Experience

Customer impressions of any restaurant begin when they either enter the door, call their order in or pull into the drive-thru line. The next impression of their experience is how long they have to wait to receive their food after placing an order. Customers who have to wait less time than expected for their food are likely to return. So making sure that food is prepared quickly and correctly should be top of mind for foodservice establishments.

One way to help prepare food quicker is to have equipment available to your staff that uses the latest technology. Impingement air technology, for example, blows hot air above and below the food to help increase cook times. With the steady flow of hot air, not only does the food cook quicker, but it also cooks evenly throughout. Allowing food to be served quicker and correctly.

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Offering Menu Options 

Today’s customers, whether they’re in a quick-service or sit-down restaurant, are looking for menu options that have various choices available.

Using impingement air doesn’t limit the types of food that can be cooked in rapid cook ovens. The high speed of the air circulating in the oven works well with a variety of food, including grilled wraps, breakfast sandwiches, nachos, and quesadillas.

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TurboChef’s El Bandido ventless rapid cook oven is a simple solution to producing food quickly and cooked evenly. The first rapid cook oven that operates as a high-speed/high-quality panini press while still being able to cook non-pressed menu items rapidly, the El Bandido gives versatility to foodservice operations to produce a variety of menu items. Named after the slot machines it resembles, the El Bandido allows the operator to physically initiate the panini press from the handle outside the unit. And with its small footprint and being ventless, the El Bandido can go in locations where you never imagined you’d be able to cook. With the ability to cook items between 30 seconds and 75 seconds, food will be in the hands of your customers quickly, reducing wait times in any food establishment.

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