Unparalleled Energy Efficiency with CookTek Induction Technologies

Induction cooking technology allows busy commercial kitchens to cook and serve food quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the dish. But what is induction cooking, and how is it different from traditional gas or electric cooktops?

How Induction Cooking Works

While traditional gas and electric cooktops heat pans indirectly by generating heat to the cooking unit and the air around it, induction cooking heats the pan directly through electromagnetic current. The energy passes through the base of the pan, exciting iron molecules and releasing heat without flames or hot surfaces. This provides for a safer, cooler, and more efficient kitchen.

What Cookware is Induction Compatible?

It is important to note that not all cookware is compatible with induction technology. Under the glass-ceramic of the flat cooking surface is a magnetic coil that produces electricity. In order for a pan to be energized by the coil, it must be made of magnetic material. A good way to test if your pans will be induction compatible is by simply placing a magnet to the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks, it is induction compatible; if it doesn’t stick, it will not work on induction cooktops.

CookTek offers the most efficient and powerful induction-compatible cookware in the industry. Our full line of 430 stainless steel cookware was made to capture almost 100% of the energy from the coil for maximum efficiency and performance.

Keeping Staff Safe

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in foodservice industries suffer burns four times more than in other occupations. Preventing burn injuries keeps workers safe, helps with labor, and saves restaurants on workers’ compensation claims. Using an induction cooktop minimizes burns because there is no open flame for staff to touch. And without the chemical reaction of a metal pan on theCookTek Induction Cooktop stovetop the surface remains cool, helping to prevent even more accidents. A lack of continuous heat from gas or electric ranges also helps control the overall temperature, keeping kitchen employees cooler.

Available in one-burner and two-burner cooktops, planchas, woks, stockpot tops, ranges, and FaHeater (which cooks using cast iron), CookTek induction cooking systems provide precise control for optimal results. With their freestanding design and small footprint, CookTek induction cooktops allow foodservice operations to place the units in smaller spaces, maximizing every square inch of real estate.

Induction technology also offers unparalleled performance for food delivery. Learn about the ThermaCube and how it optimizes food temperature for up to 30 minutes.


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