Four Things to Look for in a Connected Kitchen IoT Solution

Connected kitchens provide a full range of benefits for foodservice operators, from transparency and labor savings to safety and convenience. As a result, more and more establishments are looking for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, but not all solutions are equal. Once an operator makes the decision to connect the different aspects of a commercial kitchen, the next decision is which system will provide the greatest return on investment. The right questions to ask aren’t always obvious, so let’s break down the four most important things to look for in connected kitchen IoT solutions:

1) Does your IoT solution work with a full range of foodservice equipment brands, regardless of manufacturer?

It’s rare to find a commercial kitchen, new or old, that uses foodservice equipment built by the same manufacturer or company. When considering a connected kitchen solution, look for an option that’s brand-agnostic to incorporate all equipment, not just the equipment the solutions provider prefers.

2) Does your connected kitchen solution save time?

In an era of labor shortages and challenges, an IoT solution should make life easier for kitchen staff not more complicated. When a system has the right capabilities, it can deliver thousands of reports savingOpen Kitchen IoT logo hundreds of thousands of hours.

3) Does your smart kitchen solution provide complete transparency to all aspects of the kitchen?

From HACCP reporting on food safety measures to the energy used by your range or HVAC system, a connected kitchen solutions provider should show a full suite of metrics that are important to the overall success of the operation, as well as how these different data points interact.

4) Has your connected kitchen solution been vetted by industry and tech experts to ensure its viability?

Open Kitchen from Powerhouse Dynamics was reviewed by Industry Era Review Magazine and was listed as one of the top 10 IoT solutions for 2021, not just in foodservice, but in all industries. This means it’s been tested and reviewed by technology experts and was awarded a top rating for its capabilities. Backed by Middleby, Open Kitchen is crafted with industry expertise and is not a simple start-up solution designed to solve a few problems. It solves all of them. As the developer of the leading connected kitchen IoT provider, Powerhouse Dynamics is proud to offer a pilot program where foodservice operators can review its full range of capabilities.

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