Connect the Front of the House with Open Kitchen

A smart kitchen, or connected kitchen, consists of a network of interlinked equipment. This real-time, internet-based connectivity enables monitoring and remote control of the devices. For foodservice operators, this means unparalleled control and access to live data, which can boost energy efficiency and optimize labor use. Ultimately, it leads to bigger cost savings across operations. From temperature regulation to automated workflows, the capabilities of smart kitchens are revolutionizing modern foodservice, and not just in the back of the house where they’re most often associated.

Smart technologies can also significantly impact the front of the house, where beverages play a crucial role in profitability. Drink sales represent a significant portion of profits, and the efficiency and reliability of smart equipment further boost these profits.

What Makes a Smart Beverage System?

As technology advances, the smart kitchen concept is gaining traction. Smart kitchens, featuring interconnected foodservice equipment and IoT technology, transform foodservice operations. It’s not just happening in the kitchen with cooking and ventilation equipment. It’s also happening in dining rooms and behind service counters with commercial beverage equipment.

A smart beverage system integrates various pieces of equipment into a cohesive network. This system allows for real-time monitoring and remote management of beverage dispensers, coffee machines, and ice makers. Operators can ensure top functionality and minimize downtime by tracking performance and receiving maintenance alerts. Enhanced efficiency in beverage service not only improves customer satisfaction but also maximizes revenue.

Revolutionizing Beverage Service with Open Kitchen® by Powerhouse Dynamics

Open Kitchen from Powerhouse Dynamics stands out for its ability to connect a wide array of foodservice equipment into one seamless system. Imagine a smart beverage system that alerts you when maintenance is due, diagnoses and resolves issues quickly, and provides insights into equipment utilization and staff training needs.

Open Kitchen links drink equipment, offering the customization needed for automated control of operations. Through real-time monitoring, Open Kitchen helps with proactive maintenance, reducing expensive downtime. It generates notifications for compliance and food safety, optimizes energy consumption, and simplifies administrative tasks like HACCP reporting, saving countless staff hours. This state-of-the-art IoT technology seamlessly integrates with leading beverage equipment brands:

Concordia Beverage Systems: Ascent Touch IoT

The Ascent Touch IoT from Concordia is a top-tier bean-to-cup coffee brewer now equipped with IoT digital connectivity. It delivers fresh, high-quality coffee in just 25 seconds. With Open Kitchen connectivity, remote management of the Ascent Touch has never been easier or more valuable for businesses.

Follett Ice Machines: IoT Connection for Horizon Elite™

Follett’s Horizon Elite™ ice machines, powered by Open Kitchen, offer remote monitoring to maximize equipment longevity. Real-time alerts notify facility personnel, allowing for quick responses, while real-time diagnostic data improves first-time fix rates. This ensures a steady supply of ice, which is critical for drink service continuity.

Taylor + Open Kitchen

Taylor provides a range of front-of-house drink solutions, including commercial beverage dispensers and ice cream machines. By integrating with Open Kitchen, Taylor soft-serve and frozen beverage machines become part of a connected ecosystem, enabling remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to lessen downtime and enhance efficiency.

Now that you’ve seen Open Kitchen in the front of the house, learn more about smart kitchen capabilities in the back of the house:

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