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As technologies continue to evolve, the popularity of the smart kitchen concept continues to grow. Smart kitchens, equipped with connected foodservice equipment and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, are revolutionizing how foodservice operates. They offer a full range of benefits that enhance profitability by reducing overhead and expanding efficiency.

What is a smart kitchen?

Essentially, a smart kitchen or connected kitchen is a network of equipment. With real-time interconnectivity, it allows for monitoring and remote control of connected units. Smart kitchens provide foodservice operators with unprecedented control and access to real-time data. This knowledge can help increase energy efficiency and maximize labor. It also ultimately contributes to cost savings throughout the operation. From temperature monitoring to automated workflow processing, the capabilities of smart kitchens are reshaping today’s operations.

Revolutionizing Kitchen Management with Open Kitchen® by Powerhouse Dynamics

Of all the smart kitchen technologies, Open Kitchen from Powerhouse Dynamics provides an unrivaled ability to connect many different foodservice equipment brands into a single system. Imagine a smart kitchen that proactively tells you when maintenance is needed to prevent equipment failure. It also diagnoses and repairs issues quickly and advises which equipment is underutilized, or which procedures require additional training.

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Open Kitchen connects over 10,000 different pieces of foodservice equipment. Whether they’re Middleby brands or not, operators can gain the type of customization required to gain full, automated control of the operation. Through real-time monitoring, Open Kitchen enables proactive maintenance, reducing costly downtime. It generates more than 100,000 different notifications and ensures regulatory compliance and food safety. It can monitor units to help optimize energy consumption. And it can streamline administrative tasks such as HACCP reporting, saving an estimated 3,000,000 staff hours.

Creating a Smart Kitchen in the Back of the House by Connecting Today’s Leading Brands

Open Kitchen seamlessly integrates with leading brands in commercial kitchen equipment, bridging the gap between technology and traditional kitchen appliances. Let’s explore how Open Kitchen connects with some of the industry’s most renowned brands:

Perfect Fry

With their innovative ventless fryers, Perfect Fry revolutionizes frying technology, offering compact solutions for restaurants seeking to optimize space and energy efficiency. Through integration with Open Kitchen, operators can monitor fryer performance in real time, ensuring consistent quality and safety.


Taylor provides various solutions, including commercial grills, ice cream machines, and frozen beverage dispensers. By integrating with Open Kitchen, Taylor equipment becomes part of a connected ecosystem, enabling remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. This can include the production of an operation’s most coveted and profitable menu items.


As pioneers of rapid-cook technology, TurboChef ovens are known for their speed and versatility, ideal for high-volume kitchens facing labor challenges. By connecting TurboChef ovens to Open Kitchen, chefs can create and distribute menus and recipes remotely and access real-time performance data and automated maintenance alerts, ensuring optimal efficiency and culinary excellence.

Middleby Marshall

With a diverse portfolio of kitchen equipment spanning ovens, fryers, and conveyor ovens, Middleby Marshall is a trusted name in commercial kitchens worldwide. By connecting Middleby Marshall units to a smart kitchen system in the back of the house, Open Kitchen can streamline operations and enhance performance across multiple locations for chain restaurant applications.


Not only does Pitco design fryers for a wide range of cooking applications, but they also create fryers driven by technology and innovation. From smart controls to efficient oil management, Pitco has revolutionized one of the most labor-intensive appliances in the back of the house by equipping it with automated capabilities. This includes connectivity into the Open Kitchen platform.

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