High-Quality Coffee With Speedy Service

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, coffee sales have changed much like every other segment in food and beverage. As you might expect, there’s been a change in delivery and pickup.

Consider a recent report from the Speciality Coffee Association and Square. In The Specialty Coffee Industry During COVID-19, they found a 5,380 percent increase in curbside and pickup sales from a 521 percent increase in sellers offering this type of service.

The bottom line is consumers are looking for fast, low-impact, low-risk options in 2020. This means that’s exactly what operators need to provide in order to stay relevant and profitable. According to a time study report from Rakuten Ready, there’s been a greater than 200 percent increase in restaurant pickup orders since the pandemic hit in March 2020, and more than 85 percent plan to continue order and pickup service.

The numbers say they should continue pickup, too. When considering statistics gathered by Rakuten Ready from their 2019 time study, when pickup times for food and beverage require customers to wait for less than two minutes, those customers are four times more likely to become repeat customers. In 2020, the risks of lengthy pickups and wait times due to COVID-19 certainly underscore the importance of a quick and easy customer experience.

How does this relate to coffee?

Operators who can provide a high-quality product with a low-impact and timely experience are poised to grab a bigger cup of the market share, and implementing the right type of coffee machine can go a long way toward achieving those objectives.

Introducing the Concordia XpressTouch6

If high-quality and low delivery times are important in 2020, no other automated coffee machine can deliver like the Concordia XpressTouch6. When compared to other industry competitors, the XpressTouch6 has several advantages.

concordia graphic - middleby

The Concordia XpressTouch6 can deliver high quality in shorter times for a variety of operators. From cafés to grocery stores and even high school coffee programs, this is the easiest way to serve over 1,000 different premium drink combinations without the hassle. It’s so easy to use, it can even work for self-serve options.

Take a closer look at the XpressTouch6

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