Commercial Kitchens Made in America

American ingenuity isn’t a foreign concept. It’s helped our nation get through many challenges. It’s led us to lead the world in business. And it’s allowed us to forge processes that make the design and manufacturing of foodservice equipment some of the best in the world.

Here at Middleby, we believe in this movement. We celebrate American ingenuity by providing American-made products that are designed and assembled by our own great employees in our own U.S. factories. In addition to pride, though, there are other reasons to invest in the made-in-America mentality. Innovation and Automation.

Without a doubt, commercial kitchens in all types of operations are looking for ways to become more efficient and profitable as they struggle with labor shortages, safety concerns, and consumer demands. We can’t speak for other manufacturers, but Middleby is dedicated to helping operators overcome these challenges with innovation and automation.

How Can The Foodservice Industry Deal With Labor Shortages?

As we’ve seen in recent months as the country emerges from the height of the COVID pandemic,connected equipment picture-1 finding, hiring, and retaining great staff is very difficult. One way to help overcome these challenges is to look at technology and connected kitchen solutions that can help automate the entire operation and allow for instant visibility.

Middleby is paving the way with innovative products that help reduce the labor load, allowing laborers to focus on the most important aspects of preparation and presentation. Automated ovens and grilling systems like the Middleby Marshall CTX Oven uses conveyors to cook, bake, or broil food products without constant oversight from staff. The result is an oven that delivers ROI and saves on labor.

How Can The Industry Continue To Lead The Way In Food Safety?

Safety is ultimately the theme of the last year and a half as restaurants and foodservice operators have looked for ways to keep staff and customers safe. In terms of staffing, safety has contributed PUC Lineupto some of the labor challenges listed above. As it relates to customers, though, operators have turned to creative solutions for reducing touch points as part of contactless service.

As Middleby has seen over the last 15 months, the Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet, or PUC®, has been one of the most important solutions to meet these challenges. Especially during the height of the pandemic when consumer concerns were at an all-time high, having the ability to hold foods in ideal storage conditions and allow customers to pick their orders up in a touchless capacity is critical to taking the fear out of takeout.

How Can The Foodservice Industry Keep Up With Consumer Demands?

Speaking of customers, no matter what happens in the world, they still have demands that includeTurboChef Bullet menu choice, speed of service, and high quality to name a few. The foodservice industry is always driven by the trends our customers drive, and that will never change.

Finding foodservice equipment solutions that can help provide high-quality, diverse options served in a speedy manner can go a long way toward creating a successful environment. Rapid cook ovens from TurboChef can lead to rapid profits, just like automated coffee machines from Synesso can deliver high-quality while easing the burden on staff.

Automated kitchen equipment can help staff perform a wide range of functions with simpler, more transparent operations. Learn how key pieces of equipment can help your operation reduce labor challenges.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

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