Are Your Commercial Flat Top Grills Underperforming?

Today’s customer wants high-quality foods served quickly, especially in take-out or delivery. Expectations for speed of service are at an all-time high. But today’s foodservice operator is struggling with staffing issues that impact fast and consistent service. Taylor’s line of commercial flat top grills has a solution to satisfy both.

Introducing the Art of Two-Sided Cooking

Clamshell grills are designed to easily and efficiently cook from both the top and the bottom. Take a hamburger, for example. Two-sided grills will sear the meat on both sides, sealing in moisture and flavor while also speeding up cook times by removing the need to flip food while cooking. Operators love the ease of use and quick recovery times to help speed up service without the need for more staff.

How fast are Taylor’s commercial flat top grills? Based on performance, their sleek, stainless steel griddles are 66 percent faster than other competing options. As mentioned, the advantages of this are two-fold. Operators spend less time and utilize less labor, while consumers can get fresh, made-to-order food served quickly.

Clamshell grills apply temperatures evenly across the entire cooking surface of an ingredient, whether it’s a burger, chicken, panini pressed sandwiches, vegetables, and even fish. Taylor clamshell grills provide versatility without compromising quality.

Commercial Flat Top Grills Built for Current Labor Challenges

Graphic - benefits of a Taylor Clamshell Grill

Not only do Taylor clamshell grills work twice as hard, they’re also easy to use. Taylor’s two-sided grills have innovative and user-friendly control features that allow for pre-programmable settings and use USB ports for instant menu updates. This is great for chains and multi-location restaurants where sharing recipes and processes will help save time and ensure consistency. With the ability to run self-diagnostics, service is easier, too, as operators will avoid lengthy and costly downtimes.

Instinctive gap control. Faster cooking. More precise temperatures. A stunning new era of grill technology is here with Taylor’s full line of double-sided grills.

Flatline your old flat top with a smarter way to get things done.

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