4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Convection Oven for Your Ghost Kitchen Concept

Efficient and reliable, convection ovens should be a staple in any ghost kitchen. The option for half-sizes and stacking capabilities make smart use of space while providing a consistently baked product, every time. So, what are the questions you should be asking yourself when searching for a commercial convection oven while building a ghost kitchen concept?

What are the Culinary Needs & Menu Demands?

Blodgett commercial convection ovenZephaire-100-G-doubleWhat is your game plan if you have a lot of different foods that require different cooking times? From roasted meats and casseroles to baked goods and desserts, the list of what you can do with a convection oven is vast. Cook meats with a crisp exterior and moist interior and bake foods evenly in less time. Having a convection oven allows ghost kitchens to prepare more food with fewer appliances.

How Much Space Is Available?

Like many traditional restaurants, ghost kitchens are tight on space with the need to turn out a large volume of food. The footprint of any appliance is critical when space is limited. The smaller size options of a commercial convection oven means they fit in spaces where a traditional oven will not. Because they come in an electric commercial oven format and with ventless options, they are not confined by smaller spaces, gas piping outlets, and expensive overhead hoods. There are also single ovens and double ovens that come in full or half sizes that can help with configuration issues too.

Use A Traditional Hood or Go Ventless?

For many businesses, using a traditional hood isn’t an option or is too cost-prohibitive to put into their ghost kitchen. That opens the door for ventless convection oven options. Less expensive to install, ventless unitsBlodgett Commercial Convection Oven Ventless Half Size also save money on hood maintenance fees. However ventless isn’t a choice for everyone either. Due to their design, ventless hoods can only accommodate electric convection ovens. If your building has adequate hoods already installed or you are using gas to cook, using a traditional hood is the way to go.

How Do You Train Your Staff?

Training staff on using the equipment and appliance in your ghost kitchen is important. Convection ovens are easy to use and feature pre-programmable controls that allow staff to cook easily with the push of a button. Available features include a spritzer to assist with baking, cook and hold features, and fan delay for control over internal temperatures and moisture. All of which allow staff to be trained quicker and handle other tasks while the food is cooking.

A ghost kitchen offers you the ability to produce massive amounts of food in a smaller space. The option of going ventless saves money and lowers maintenance costs and time while allowing you the freedom to place the oven where you need it most rather than where a hood is installed. With the simple ease of use and automation features, you can also do more with less labor. Blodgett convection ovens help you produce award-winning meals in a smaller footprint, with less energy and more control.


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