Getting Pizza Orders Safely Out The Door With Carter-Hoffmann Food Lockers

Americans can’t get enough of their pizza. According to Pizza Today magazine, Americans consume three billion pizzas per year. That’s billion with a ‘B.’ As customers place more online orders and expect quicker, safer service, pizzerias have to accommodate them. Here are some ways how food lockers and takeout technologies can help your business grow.

Provide Online Ordering Options 

Now more than ever, consumers are using their phones to order merchandise and food. In fact, online orders are outpacing in-house dining by 300%. Not only will having restaurant takeout technology equipment available help satisfy customers and manage labor, but it could increase sales as well. Studies have shown that customers who place their pizza orders online tend to spend 18% more than those who call their orders in.

Online ordering also allows for immediate payment with a credit or debit card, giving you confidence in knowing the order won’t be abandoned. It also lets the ordering system do the work for you and keeps lines down in your business when the order is picked up. Another perk? Online ordering allows your business to keep track of exactly what each customer orders, at what time, and at what frequency. This data can help you develop a knowledge base to know when your busiest times are, helping with service and inventory.

Allow For Safe, Contactless Pickup

Customers have gotten used to picking up merchandise from stores without having to interact with anyone. They are now expecting the same from their food orders. Providing food lockers to facilitate pickup is not only convenient for the customer, it also helps operators cut down on labor. Operators can now delegate the staff who would have been waiting on takeout order customers to other areas of the restaurant. But customers aren’t only looking for contactless pickup. They want to be assured they know their order hasn’t been handled by multiple people, including other customers. Having a safe way to pick up their order is top of mind for many.

Keep Food At Temp

There aren’t many more disappointing things than getting a cold pizza. And not only is it disappointing, but it can also be a safety hazard if hot food isn’t kept out of the danger zone. Generally, pizza restaurants keep their takeout orders warm by placing them on top of the pizza ovens. This isn’t an option with some methods of contactless pickups. Making sure you select an option that includes heat can set you apart from the competition.

Let Carter-Hoffmann PUC Help

Carter-Hoffmann food lockers provide a contactless pickup option that integrates with your restaurant’s POS system and takeout technologies. With a front-mounted touch screen and QR code scanner, customers can easily scan the pickup code received on their mobile device to open the food locker with their specific order. Available with heated shelving to keep pizza at temperature and anti-microbial coating, customers can be sure their orders are safe. There’s even a rear pass-through option so staff can load from back-of-house and keep pathways within the restaurant clear.

Learn more about the Carter-Hoffmann PUC for pizza pickup orders.


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