Celebrate The Big Game With Pitco Fryers and Rethermalizers

The teams competing in The Big Game are locked in. Now’s the time for your restaurant or bar to start getting ready. What’s one of the top food items consumed during the game – chicken wings! We know that millions of chicken wings are consumed during the game each year and that fried food can help grow your profits. Even with the effects of COVID-19 on the foodservice industry, a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation says consumers are still planning on spending to celebrate the 2021 face-off.

If you need an efficient, easy to maintain way to get tasty chicken wings quickly and safely to your customers, look no further than Pitco’s Solstice Fryers and Rethermalizers. They’ll not only help you save on kitchen labor and training but also fry fresh wings or reheat previously prepared foods, getting orders to tables or out the door quickly and making your team champions of the day.

Solstice Fryers Make Food Prep Easier

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Pitco SolsticeAvailable in gas or electric versions, Solstice Fryers allow your kitchen staff to fry fresh foods more efficiently and safer. All Solstice Fryers have self-cleaning burners that keep your fryer running day in and day out with minimal service needs. Both styles allow you to mix and match controls and sizes to fit your kitchen’s needs. It couldn’t be easier to clean up with multiple filtration options from portable, to built-in filtration systems, and even waste oil management connections.

The design of the Solstice Electric Fryers stops oil migration through pivot components. And the heating elements of the unit are kept in the tank, making for a safer work environment with an easy-to-clean lifting mechanism.

If you’re in need of a gas fryer, Pitco has you covered too. The Solstice Gas Fryers have burners that improve the air/gas mixture to help with a consistent fry and faster cooking. There’s also matchless ignition. You’ll only have to ignite the standing pilot light once a day, and a 30-second automatic burner clear helps keep burners at optimal burner efficiency.

As an official sponsor of the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York, Pitco knows having quality frying equipment produces a quality product.

Pitco Rethermalizers Reheat Food Quickly

SRTG14-2-DWhen you’re in need of heating up and holding previously cooked food, let the Pitco Rethermalizers be the stars of the show. Rethermalizing is reheating food in water in vacuum-sealed packaging (not to be confused with sous vide, which cooks food in vacuum-sealed packages). In addition to making it easy to heat food, rethermalizing helps foodservice establishments increase menu items and choices without putting more stress on your kitchen staff.

Pitco’s Rethermalizers are made of marine-grade stainless steel to hold food at steady temperatures and offers three rethermalizers for every kitchen size and need. Rethermalizers are easy to operate and require little food prep, minimizing kitchen labor and timing, and feature the same reliable Solstice technology as the fryers.

Rethermalizers are a safe and efficient way to heat frozen food quickly past the Danger Zone where bacteria can survive. Round out game day menu offerings with some mac n’ cheese, chili, and more comfort food favorites! Have it all with Solstice fryers and rethermalizers.

As you’re getting ready to serve excellent fried food choices during The Big Game, remember that the team at Middleby is here to help.

How to choose the right Pitco Solstice fryer

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