The Best Commercial Mixers for Bakeries

Bakeries rely on two pieces of foodservice equipment more than any others – their ovens and their mixers. And while ovens are important, having the right mixer is one of the first steps in creating amazing dishes. Commercial mixers from Globe, Varimixer, and Doyon help foodservice businesses with that and more.

Globe Mixers

Globe has a mixer for just about any type of job you can imagine in a commercial bakery. Mixer options include planetary mixers, where the agitator orbits around the center while the bowl stays stationary, and spiral mixers, where the agitator or dough hook is stationary while the bowl moves. Spiral mixers are sought out by serious bakeries because they produce a higher quality product with a longer shelf life, and are typically only used for dough.


When it comes to reliability, look no further. Globe has a miniscule warranty rate at 1.4%, compared to the industry average of 4%. Globe’s commercial mixers also come in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet just about any type of challenge, with options ranging from five to 80 quarts. The Globe 130- and 175-pound spiral mixer is an everyday workhorse that provides quality, performance, and value, while Globe’s all-purpose 20-quart mixer is the number one seller in North America.

Varimixer Mixers

Some of the most advanced in the industry, Varimixer machines are “strong as a bear.” Their top-of-the-line commercial mixers include a wide capacity range spanning from five quarts up to 150 quarts. Like many mixers, these are designed for high-volume, back-of-the-house uses. But with the Varimixer Paint option, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and perfect for open kitchens.


A multiple-time winner of the National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award, the Kodiak 20-quart mixer is designed specifically for today’s bakery operations. One of the biggest features of the Kodiak is its sanitation/hygiene features. An IP44 rating helped win the award. And earned it the nickname “the washable mixer.”

Doyon Mixers

Looking down into Doyon commercial mixer

With mixers for the budget conscious to large volume locations, Doyon planetary mixers are built to offer flexibility and efficiency while having low maintenance costs. Ideal for those who mix batters, whipped items, and proteins, the planetary can also pull together bread dough when needed.

For operations producing extremely high quantities of dough, a Doyon spiral mixer is the way to go. Able to handle a variety of different types of dough up to 529 pounds, their spiral mixers also have stainless steel bowls with a high center. This feature eliminates the need for a dough feeder and prevents the dough from overheating for better gluten development.

Which Mixer Is Best For My Business?

Globe, Varimixer, and Doyon mixers all fit purposes specific to the business using them. Whether your business is smaller and making cakes, or you’re a large bakery making bread all day long, there’s the right Middleby mixer for your needs.

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