The Benefits Of Ventless Grills For Cruise Ships

In commercial foodservice, we often think about space as being a major challenge regardless of the operation type. Rarely does a line cook get to enjoy a wide, expansive kitchen, nor does an operator realize the capabilities of moving equipment around as needed. On the high seas, however, this type of versatility can be even more important than on land.

On a cruise, every inch of the ship is dedicated to enhancing the guest experience and promoting profitability. In some cases, this means moving foodservice from bow to stern to maximize the use of space, and the right foodservice equipment can help.

Versatile Ventless Grill Cooking for Ships and Boats

The EVO EVent ventless grill is an ideal solution for maritime vessels such as cruise ships or other large boats. Because the EVent doesn’t require the installation of ductwork or other HVAC equipment,Evo EVent electric ventless grill it can be moved around from location to location promoting a variety of serving spaces, including outside and open-air environments.

The EVO EVent uses a series of filters that move smoke and grease across the surface of the griddle, pulling it to the side and away from the cooking surface. Once air is inside the unit, it uses an electrostatic precipitator to clean the air before exhausting it back into the environment. This means you can move the EVent pretty much anywhere there’s a power source, turning an otherwise unused area of a ship into a potential foodservice point of sale.

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