The Benefits of Chewblet® Ice in Bars and Nightclubs

The best commercial ice maker for bars and nightclubs depends on a lot of factors. From keeping customers happy with cold, delicious drinks to extending the life of your bar equipment and supplies, the top three benefits of using Chewblet ice are outlined below.

The Right Ice Can Be Easier On Your Equipment

Let’s start with a benefit that matters more to the operators than the customers. The right ice can be easier on your blender, and Follett® Chewblet® ice falls into that category. From Philadelphia to Portland and everywhere in between, we’re in the summer of boozy slushies and frozen drinks, and the last thing an owner needs is a broken down blender. 

The Right Ice Can Enhance Cocktails

When ice takes on the right shape and size, it can be a huge component of a wide range of cocktails. Tiki-centric menus with punches and fruit juices can benefit greatly from ice like Chewblet ice because it can be so enjoyable to consume and, well, chew. When sweet fruit juices and punches surround and permeate Chewblet ice, it can almost turn it into candy.

The Right Ice Won’t Water Down Quality

One of the biggest benefits of selecting Chewblet ice is that the ice won’t water down your drinks. Similar to enhancing cocktails but in a completely different way, Chewblet ice’s unique shape makes it perfect for stirred drinks like Manhattans and Negronis. According to Tales of the Cocktail, in some cases, ice can add an ounce of water or more to the final product, and this amount of water would completely destroy the well-balanced nature of so many of our most classic cocktails. Because Chewblet ice has a slow melt rate, the result is a chilled beverage without all the water.

A new ice age is here. Discover how a commercial ice maker can help.


New Ice Age Is Here

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