Seven Benefits of Creating an All-Middleby Kitchen

Success in foodservice requires a well-equipped restaurant kitchen. It should be designed with foodservice equipment that meets today’s demands and is easy to procure. For many operators, the Middleby Corporation is the go-to resource for equipping a commercial kitchen. With our brands’ extensive breadth of kitchen equipment and dedication to technology and innovation, creating an all-Middleby kitchen is an ideal choice. Moreover, Middleby equipment provides solutions ranging from streamlining operations to boosting profitability. But that’s just a taste of all the advantages to utilizing an all-Middleby commercial kitchen.

7 Reasons to Create an All-Middleby Kitchen

Foodservice Equipment Designed with Innovation, for Innovation

Middleby equipment, across our entire family of brands, is designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s foodservice industry. Whether it’s a commercial restaurant kitchen or an institutional kitchen like a school cafeteria, we see innovation as a tool for success. Technology is a great asset for foodservice operations looking to maximize the labor potential, streamline operations over multiple locations, and save on overhead costs. Operators who embrace technology will ultimately use their staff more effectively.

Innovation Means Interconnectivity

One standout feature of Middleby’s product range is the ability to integrate various equipment lines into a single, real-time snapshot of the entire operation. Leverage operational efficiencies by creating a connected kitchen with innovations such as the IoT-based Open Kitchen platform. Middleby is committed to helping enhance workflow and minimize downtime while providing solutions for energy management and food safety. Real-time monitoring and remote equipment controls are the future. This level of automation leads to reduced labor costs and lower utility spending that Middleby’s innovators are committed to delivering.

A Commitment to Efficiency

Today’s consumers are demanding more efficiency and sustainability. Middleby understands the importance of energy-efficient and sustainable design principles. Our family of brands is committed to providing efficiency without compromising on quality. We’re dedicated to assisting our customers reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, we aim to help them achieve cost reductions that appeal to today’s sustainability-driven consumers. Simultaneously, we strive to reduce overhead for our customers.

Maintenance Made Easy

Middleby’s unwavering focus on durability and reliability reduces not only maintenance costs but also ensures uninterrupted service, minimizing costly downtime. Our units, across all brands, aim to maximize the efficiency of labor and minimize the time required for cleaning and maintenance of foodservice equipment. This dual emphasis on efficiency not only results in significant cost savings but also extends the lifespan of the equipment, promoting consistent and reliable service to your customers.

Support from Coast to Coast

Our team of expert representatives extends from coast to coast. With an arrangement of conveniently located test kitchens, today’s operators can utilize a nearby resource to try out equipment before purchase and get assistance maximizing that equipment after purchase. From demos to training events, we encourage all Middleby customers to check out the test kitchen nearest you. Test drive foodservice equipment at any point of your decision-making process.

A Hub for Culinary Creativity

Within this culinary ecosystem of coast-to-coast test kitchens, the Middleby Innovation Kitchens (MIK) are a source of inspiration and culinary ingenuity. Spanning 40,000 square feet, the MIK houses 15 active cooking vignettes and 150 live Middleby commercial kitchen innovations. Led by Certified Master Chef Russell Scott, the concept is a one-stop destination for hands-on learning. At the MIK, customers and channel partners can learn more about the extensive Middleby diverse range of technologies, including automation, cooking, IoT, ventless, and more. Schedule time to experience an all-Middleby kitchen.

Procurement Simplified

Middleby’s streamlined approach to procurement makes it as easy as possible to match an operator’s challenges with the equipment that can help solve them. We understand that the buying process can be complicated. We’re here to help! Our team of partners and reps can navigate owners and operators through the buying journey. For additional resources, explore Middleby’s website, which features product selection tools and quizzes for creating an all-Middleby kitchen. These tools provide invaluable insights and recommendations, simplifying decision-making. This holistic approach to procurement makes acquiring the right equipment a hassle-free journey, making the purchasing process easy and efficient, much like the operation of the equipment being purchased.

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