Baking Pizzas Using A Middleby Marshall WOW! Conveyor Oven

Imagine baking a pizza without having to monitor, turn it, or adjust the oven. Yet, it still comes out crispy and thoroughly cooked. No imagination is needed when you’re making pizzas with a Middleby Marshall WOW! conveyor oven

Cook Quicker With A WOW! Conveyor Oven

Over the past year, according to Convenience Magazine, delivery orders for pizza increased by 19%, while almost half of pizza orders were take-out. To stay ahead of the competition, getting orders quickly out the door is essential. Middleby Marshall WOW! ovens bake up to 30% faster than other conveyor pizza ovens. Utilizing advanced Variable Air Flow impingement technology lets staff control airflow from the top and bottom of the baking chamber. Middleby Marshall WOW! ovens are also stackable, allowing for more pizzas to be cooked at once to get more orders served. 

How a Conveyor Pizza Oven Can Help With Labor 

With restaurants struggling to find employees, using automation helps keep customers fed and prevents over-extending current staff. Having a conveyor oven allows employees to cook pizza without needingMiddleby Marshall WOW! conveyor oven to monitor its progress. And there’s no sacrificing quality using a WOW! conveyor pizza oven. By cooking from the top and bottom of the belt, pizzas are always crisp and cooked, improving customer satisfaction and helping create repeat orders. 

Save On Energy, Too 

Traditional pizza ovens need to be continuously on to retain a high heat, even if there’s no product inside them, which wastes energy. The Middleby Marshall WOW! patented Energy Management System (EMS) ovens work on a triggered sensor system. If the sensors don’t detect pizza in the oven, it automatically reduces energy consumption by nearly 40%. Once product goes on the belt the oven returns to full power within 3 seconds, helping businesses conserve energy while always having an oven ready to go. 

Available in both gas and electric models, the Middleby Marshall WOW! conveyor oven can bake a variety of pizza styles. From deep dish to thin crust, each style bakes to perfection. There’s even a hearth bake belt available for those who are looking for a deck oven crust. 

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