Baking Perfectly Crusted Artisan Bread

Americans love their baked goods. Even those with dietary restrictions are eating more of these foods.

The onset of COVID has increased the consumption of bakery products even more. CS News found that one out of four Americans said they’re eating more cookies, pastries, and breads during the pandemic.

In addition to eating more, people are also looking for items that are baked on-site. The CS News survey also found that 68% of people said they’re more inclined to purchase baked goods to take home if they know the items are made where they’re purchased. And 77% said the smell of fresh baking encourages them to make a purchase. So make sure your foodservice business has the right equipment to provide the perfect fresh goods to your customers – Doyon JA Series Ovens.

Bake Crusty Artisan Breads

Biting into a crusty piece of bread entices your taste of smell, touch, sound and taste and is something that Americans love. Four of the most popular types of bread in the United States are crusty options.

But getting that perfect crust isn’t simple. A steady stream of steam must be incorporated with the heat of an oven to achieve a crunchy crust. Remove the moisture, and the crunch is lost. No one wants to bite into a chewy bagel or baguette! Doyon Jet Air Convection Ovens have a shot and pulse steam injection system to precisely mist baked goods and create perfectly crusted baked foods. There’s even a fan delay and variable air speed to help bake delicate items and make sure they come out just right.

Save Time and Labor Doyon JA12SL Oven-1

One way that bakers ensure they get a perfect bake is to rotate pans in the oven, so there are no hot spots to burn the bottom or top of the bread. But turning pans halfway through a bake and moving them from one rack to another is time-consuming. With a patented Jet Air system, Doyon JA Series ovens move the hot air in one direction and then moves it in the other direction. So no rotation of pans is necessary, saving on time and labor.

An All-Purpose Oven

Having an oven that bakes different items well is great. But having an oven that bakes and cooks a wide variety of foods is even better! If your business serves baked goods for the morning crowd and then needs to cook meals for lunch and dinner, the JA Series oven can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, handles multiple pans, and allows you to produce product faster and more evenly. Not only can you bake artisan bread, the oven is an all-purpose baking oven and can do pastries, cookies, pies, cupcakes, you name it! You can even bake delicate items like muffins, cakes and even macarons by turning off the fan at critical stages in the baking cycle.

Let Doyon help you discover the right oven for what you are baking.

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