Baking Memories With Blodgett HydroVection Oven

The smell of freshly baked bread coming out of the oven invokes memories of comfort and is something customers remember for a long time. Creating those memories and serving up comfort is something every baker strives to achieve. Baking bread, cakes, pies, and pastries that make customers come back for more is easier with Blodgett HydroVection ovens.

A Faster Bakery Oven

Baking can be an involved process, which is why many bakeries start working in the early hours of the day. While the timing of some steps involved with baking can’t be sped up, with HydroVection ovens, goods bake 30% faster than in traditional convection ovens. Able to store unlimited recipes, the HydroVection can automatically change temperature and steam levels based on the type of food being baked, without human interaction. All helping get more product out the door, quicker.

What Is HydroVection?

Maintaining ideal baking conditions within an oven requires someone monitoring the baking process regularly. Rotating pans, monitoring temperatures, and testing for doneness are all things that take staff away from other functions of the bakery. The Blodgett HydroVection lets bakeries cook smarter to save time and labor. Using Helix™ technology, the air is rapidly evacuated from the oven cavity and replaced just as quickly, improving the quality of the bake and yield, helping to produce a higher volume product. The HydroVection also has two separate modes, depending on what is baking. Hydro mode combines the effects of moisture and hot air convection by using steam to help yeast-leavened products, such as rolls and croissants, rise and bake in the same unit. With options in hydro mode to fully control your recipes, you’re able to control the amount of moisture you bake with. So whether you’re baking bagels or French bread, you’ll bake the right exterior every time. Hot air mode is perfect for items that need rapid browning. Baking cookies, cakes, and muffins in hot air mode allow moving air to transfer heat to baked goods, letting you cook at lower temperatures, saving time and money. 

An Easy To Use Commercial Baking Oven

With all the working parts of a bakery, having equipment that is easy to use and doesn’t sacrifice quality is essential. Having to train employees for hours at a time eats into production time and customer service. The HydroVectionBlodgett HydroVection oven baking bread ovens are easy to use and don’t require extensive training. The SmartTouch2™ touchscreen is user-friendly, letting staff set food to bake with the touch of a button. There’s also a USB interface to transmit HACCP data seamlessly, saving time on paperwork. The core temperature probe lets you monitor goods without opening the oven, while the self-cleaning spray and nozzle makes end-of-the-day cleanup quicker. Having the Blodgett HydroVection oven in the Chicago River East store of Molly’s Cupcakes has helped unit owner Bindu Illuri and her staff bake to success. One of their challenges was that cupcakes need to be rotated mid-bake. With the HydroVection, that and other problems were solved. “Blodgett is the best on the market. You really can’t find any other ovens that beat the way Blodgett ovens bake our products,” Illuri said. “Ease of use, the steam and rotating fan components all combine to make the perfect oven.”Known for their playful feeling, Molly’s Cupcakes knows how to have fun but also takes their baking seriously, as evidenced by their national honors as some of the best cupcakes in the country. Using the HydroVection ovens has helped them produce large quantities of cupcakes quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality. “Blodgett makes the cupcakes turn out beautifully. And the fact that you can program in your recipes and customize to your exact specifications is great. All our bakers have to do is push a button,” Illuri said.

Get a HydroVection and join in on the success. 


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