Baking Consistent Pizza With Bakers Pride Y Series Ovens

Whether it’s Detroit style, thin crust, Greek, or Sicilian, Americans love their pizza and their pizzerias. And while the menu items ordered are up for debate, quality of the food served is not. According to Restaurant Business magazine, one of the top things customers are looking for in a pizza is crust quality. With Bakers Pride Y Superdeck Series pizza ovens, baking perfect pizza, calzones, and strombolis just got easier.

Even Heat Disbursement Bakers Pride Gas-Deck-Pizza-Oven_Y600_PN169Y60N0001111-14

Pulling a pizza out of the oven with fully baked toppings but a raw dough in the middle isn’t just disappointing, it’s a waste of money. The best way to get pizzas entirely cooked is to make sure there’s an even flow of heat hitting your pizza from the top and the bottom. This ensures that the toppings are cooked just right, and the dough is thoroughly cooked without burning. The Y Series ovens use Lightstone fibrament brick-lined decks that allow heat to reach food from the bottom as evenly as the heat comes from the top. With independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers, you’ll get perfectly balanced results with every bake.

Cook Multiple Pizzas at Once

With nearly 90% of people ordering restaurant delivery and the time customers are willing to wait for takeout decreasing, making sure pizzas cook as quickly as possible is very important. The Y Series is available with one or two baking chambers, providing versatility based on how busy your establishment is. And thanks to heavy-duty construction, Y Series pizza ovens can be stacked to create multiple cooking chambers for more opportunities to bake pizza or cook add-ons like wings, calzones, or garlic knots.

Traditional Old-World or Modern Look Bakers Pride Y-602-DSP

Whether your restaurant has a traditional old-world feel or is a modern environment, Bakers Pride’s Y Series ovens will fit your decor. Able to be built-in behind a decorative facade of brick, stone or tile if looking for a traditional look, the ovens can also be displayed in stainless steel or finished in powder-coated black for a more modern look. No matter the look of the oven you selected, you’ll be sure that your restaurant is consistently producing quality pizza and other baked foods with Bakers Pride’s Y Superdeck Series pizza ovens.

Discover how Bakers Pride Y Superdeck Series pizza ovens help you cook and bake pizza, stromboli, calzones, wings, and other items for your pizzeria perfectly every time.

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