Here’s Y You Should Consider a Bakers Pride Pizza Oven

In the pizza industry, the Bakers Pride name is synonymous with power, durability, and flexibility. With their Y series deck oven, it’s easy to see why.

Let’s start with an important fact. The Bakers Pride Y series pizza oven is the best-selling deck oven in the world, and it can stake this claim because of what the name represents. But pizzeria operators don’t look for ovens based on words. They look for great ovens because of how those benefits turn into concrete operational benefits and applications.


The Y series deck oven is powerful. With up to 120,000 total BTUH available in both natural or LP gas, they can deliver power and heat when it’s needed the most. Independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers allow for uniform and balanced temperature control of up to 650º F.

This level of consistency leads to two important benefits. First, happy customers. When pizza is cooked at consistently high temperatures from a variety of angles, the result is the type of pizza we think of as having the highest quality. Second, this level of consistency leads to efficiency. When higher temperatures remain the same throughout the cooking process, cook times remain the same, too.


Pizza is a high-volume business. Oven doors might open and close hundreds of times in a shift, which adds up to thousands if not hundreds of thousands each year. Metal peels bang against the oven’s exterior. Delivery carts knock the legs. The bottom line is a durable oven is a coveted oven.

As Steve Jobs said, design is how something works not just how it looks, and the Bakers Pride Y series funnels numerous design elements into achieving durability. Fully insulated doors are heavy-duty and spring-balanced. They also contain fully welded, angle steel construction that is fully insulated, in addition to heavy-duty steel legs. These ovens can take a pushing and keep on cooking.


Last but not least and possibly even most important, we have the idea of flexibility. By nature, pizzerias can often be found in some of the most obscure locations because they can be located in obscure locations. Walk-up storefronts; strip malls; large, dine-in restaurants — all of these are suitable venues for an amazing slice. This means the oven must accommodate the space, not the other way around.

That’s precisely the type of flexibility a Bakers Pride Y series deck oven provides. It can fit the footprint of the operation with both single or double-stacked options. Deck sizes include 60-inches by 36-inches or 66-inches by 44-inches. And controls can be either front- or side-mounted.

Y-600 image

Need another reason to consider a Y series from Bakers Pride?

How about a two-year warranty? There’s a reason the Bakers Pride Y series is the top-selling deck oven in the world, which is the same reason why its manufacturers stand behind the product.

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