Bake The Best Pies Using The Marsal Deck Pizza Oven

Americans love their pizza. With over $46 billion in sales each year, pizza is at the top of meal favorites. Satisfy customer demand with the best baked pizza, no matter what style, with a Marsal deck pizza oven

Our Unique Burner Design

Serving pizza with the freshest ingredients and best toppings doesn’t matter if the pizza doesn’t get completely baked. Ovens that don’t distribute heat evenly or come back to temperature quickly enough after the door opens can affect how your pizzas bake. The last thing a customer wants is to bite into a slice and have the top cooked and the bottom raw or burnt. All Marsal ovens have a two-inch-thick stone cooking surface that holds heat in and disperses it throughout the baking deck. Under the cooking surface is a signature left-to-right burner design, making sure every pizza has part of the burner system below it, dispersing heat evenly with no hot spots. This results in less downtime and no rotating required, allowing operators to get more out of the oven space and keep up with orders.  

Marsal deck pizza oven burner H design

Bake Any Style 

The wide variety of pizza customers enjoy can make baking different styles in the same restaurant challenging. New York-style is thin with a crispy crust, while Chicago-style is about two inches tall and packed with ingredients. And then there’s Detroit-style, Neapolitan, Sicilian, and so many more. Holding heat in and dispersing it throughout the oven allows Marsal deck ovens to bake any style of pizza, no matter how thick or thin. And since the ovens are stackable and each section is independently temperature-controlled, baking different types simultaneously is possible with Marsal. 

Beauty and Design 

Whether you’re a small individual pizzeria or a large chain, aesthetics matter. Having the best equipment that fits your decor lets you place your pizza oven wherever you need it. From classic stainless steel to old-Marsal deck pizza oven finishing kitworld style, Marsal’s industrial design allows your pizza deck oven to be a centerpiece in your restaurant, whether the oven is front or back of the house. 

Interested in experiential dining for your restaurant? Add a stone hearth pizza oven to your lineup.


Elevate the Experience

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