The Benefits of a To-Go Automatic Canning Machine

Local laws and restrictions around to-go alcoholic drinks are rapidly changing thanks to COVID-19. As the laws change, bars and restaurants are provided with more opportunities to sell to-go beverages. In order to meet demand and provide a great experience, the help of a beer canner or other to-go automatic canning machine can go a long way.

To-go canning systems like the Gosling Canning System provide great benefits to businesses by helping them diversify revenue streams, increase production and output, give time back to bartenders and meet increasing customer demands for to-go beverage orders.

Diversify Revenue Streams

For bars and restaurants, adding to-go drink options creates a revenue stream that wasn’t previously available. This is especially appealing to establishments who have cocktails on tap. Drinks such as margaritas, palomas, mules and even Manhattans that are produced in large quantities and kegged drive high margins and are ideal for to-go canning. Takeout beverages are more appealing to customers when they come in cans rather than to-go containers. Taking advantage of a beer canning machine and other canning equipment helps you make the most of new opportunities.

Increase Production Capacity

With an automatic canning machine, you can increase your production capacity and your product output. By planning ahead, you can package your most popular beers or on-tap cocktails before your busiest peak hours begin. That in turn allows you to quickly satisfy customers and sell to-go drinks during service.

When your to-go drinks are pre-canned, there’s always stock on-hand. You aren’t only saving time, but also able to store your most popular drinks and make fresh batches without running behind.

Free Up Labor

Bartenders and servers have busy, demanding jobs. Having the additional complication of trying to quickly package and prepare to-go drinks can quickly overload bar and restaurant staff members.

Putting a canning machine to work in your business helps free up labor and allows servers and bartenders to focus on other tasks rather than try to package to-go orders in inconvenient containers. When you combine the ability to prefill cans with uninterrupted staff service, the entire business runs more efficiently.

Meet Customer Demands

As the laws and restrictions around to-go beverages have changed, so have customer expectations. Some restaurants and bars are still selling their to-go beverages in soup containers and taped-up cups, which doesn’t create a good customer experience.

An automatic canning machine brings a higher level of quality to your to-go beverage production and improves the customer experience. It also helps you quickly deliver to-go orders in a clean, simple way that won’t spill or create a mess for to-go delivery orders.

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The Gosling Canning System is a small volume beer canning machine that cans and seams carbonated beverages. It’s small footprint and affordable cost compared to commercial canning equipment makes it perfect for small breweries and restaurants.

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