The Benefits of a To-Go Automatic Canning Machine

Two trends are driving the current canned cocktail and to-go beverage craze for restaurants and foodservice operators: profitability and labor savings. As one might expect, these two factors are linked together.

Reports show staffing and labor account for 20 to 30 percent of all restaurant costs. In an industry where the average profit margin is between three and five percent, this translates to a significant amount of overhead. As it pertains to canned and ready-to-drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages, growth continues at a steady rate and is expected to continue growing through 2027. The steady climb in RTD sales will be attributed to consumer preferences changing from canned, malt-based beverages like beer and hard seltzer to more spirit-focused options like canned cocktails.

The question becomes, how can restaurants and beverage operators reduce the burden on staff, increase liquor sales, and potentially enhance their unique brands simultaneously? To-go automatic canning machines can help. A to-go canning system like the Gosling Canning System greatly benefits businesses by helping them diversify revenue streams, increase production and output, give time back to bartenders, and meet increasing customer demands for to-go beverage orders.

Diversify Revenue Streams with an Automatic Commercial Canning Machine

wild goose canning machineFor bars and restaurants, adding to-go drink options creates a revenue stream that wasn’t previously available. This is especially appealing to establishments that have cocktails on tap. Drinks such as Margaritas, Palomas, Mules, and even Manhattans produced in large quantities and kegged drive high margins and are ideal for to-go canning. Takeout beverages appeal more to customers when they come in cans rather than makeshift, to-go containers. Taking advantage of a beer canning machine and other canning equipment helps you make the most of new opportunities and send your brand out into the world with your customers.

Increase Production Capacity

With an automatic canning machine, you can increase your production capacity and your product output. By planning ahead, you can package your most popular beers or on-tap cocktails before your busiest peak hours begin. That, in turn, allows you to satisfy customers quickly and sell to-go drinks during service. When your to-go drinks are pre-canned, there’s always stock on hand. You save time, store your most popular drinks, and make fresh batches without running behind.


Free Up Labor

Bartenders and servers have busy, demanding jobs. Having the additional complication of trying to package and prepare to-go drinks quickly can quickly overload bar and restaurant staff members. Putting a canning machine to work in your business helps free up labor. It allows servers and bartenders to focus on other tasks rather than try to package to-go orders in inconvenient containers. When you combine the ability to prefill cans with uninterrupted staff service, the entire business runs more efficiently.

Meet Customer Demands

As RTD beverages continue to rise in popularity, so have customer expectations. The initial days of the pandemic, when restaurants and bars sold to-go cocktails in soup containers or taped-up cups, are over. Today’s consumer wants a more streamlined and professional experience, and canned RTD beverages are the logical solution. That said, canned cocktails also allow operators to create brand awareness. An automatic canning machine brings a higher level of quality to your to-go beverage production and improves the customer experience. It also helps you quickly provide to-go orders in a clean, simple way that won’t spill or create a mess while in transit.

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The Gosling Canning System is a small-volume beer canning machine that cans and seals carbonated beverages. Its small footprint and affordable cost compared to commercial canning equipment make it perfect for small breweries and restaurants.

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