Appeal to More Customers with Coffee Drinks

According to the Wall Street Journal, food delivery sales almost doubled from 2019 to 2020, increasing from $28 billion to $51 billion. As one might expect, this increase was driven by regulations and consumer preferences that led to delivery as a replacement for in-person dining during the pandemic, with Ghost Kitchens popping up around the country to fuel the delivery frenzy.

At the same time, the demand for specialty coffee drinks continues to rise. According to the United States National Coffee Association (NCA) and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), 36 percent of people aged 18+ reported drinking specialty coffee in the last day, and a staggering 58 percent reported drinking at least one cup a day. So where do ghost kitchens come in? Consumers still want their typical latte or cortado, but don’t want to leave the house to get it. The NCA and SCA found that 39 percent of specialty coffee drinkers said they tried to make their usual “out-of-home” coffee drinks in their own homes but said they were “not the same.”

Demand For Specialty Coffee

The SCA states that nearly 60 percent of all coffee served in the United States is ‘gourmet’ coffee brewed from premium beans. Espresso-based beverages are most popular, up nearly 50 percent in consumption. At the same time, consumption of traditional coffee has declined by around 10 percent. Factor in regional, cultural, and generational preferences, and it’s clear that while coffee consumption is on the rise, specialty coffee drinks are preferred. Concordia’s Xpress Touch super automatic espresso machines tamp, brew and steam milk to make automated espresso-based or regular coffee drinks just like you’d get from your local barista, but in under 25 seconds. The patented EspressJet™ Flavor System infuses syrups directly into the milk, and everything can be programmed to your specifications—including grind, extraction, temperature, volume, and flavor profile.

Easy Cleaning, Fewer Problems

With labor shortages and employee retention issues at an all time high, additional cleaning and maintenance is always a concern for operators. As it relates to coffee, the cleaning process can be cumbersome and take up valuable staff time. The Concordia Xpress Touch simplifies this process with an automated 10-minute cleaning cycle. The process reduces human error and keeps the machine running smoothly. If for some reason your machine does require maintenance, the tech support line and local service agents will get you up and running within 24 hours in most cases, and many issues can be resolved instantly over the phone.

Easy Expansion Into Different Dayparts

Coffee is a perfect complement to ghost kitchen menu offerings. A major pro of ghost kitchens is the flexibility to quickly adapt to market conditions and customer preferences, which can lead toConcordia Xpress Studio additional revenue streams. By expanding into breakfast, operations can target an entirely new audience while using a majority of their existing equipment. Many people prefer a coffee drink in the early afternoon, making it an easy add-on to lunch orders. Nearly half of all coffee purchases are made in quick service, to-go, carryout, and delivery situations, meaning ghost kitchens can simply connect the dots between the types of coffee consumers want and when they want it. Plus, the high margins on coffee drinks make a positive impact on ROI.

Concordia’s Xpress Touch super automatic espresso machines are an effective way to meet the challenges required for a successful coffee program in ghost kitchen environments. In less than 25 seconds, the Xpress Touch can deliver more than 1,000 different drink combinations at the push of a button. Operators can pre-program their top 20 most popular drink combinations, making the process even faster. Considering ease-of-use and the high margins that specialty coffee drinks command, the decision is an easy one for ghost kitchens.

Appeal to more customers by adding in-demand specialty coffee drinks to your offering.


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