Profits in the Grocery and Retail Segments with Pizza Sales

As we’ve seen throughout foodservice, we’re living in an era when one type of operation often morphs into another type to increase profitability. When you think about coffee shops by day that turn into cocktail bars by night or c-stores that add fast casual restaurant service, the blurring of the lines is clear.

The same can be said for the grocery and retail segments. Over the past five years, in groceries that range from big, national names to small, independent operations, one of the largest-growing profit centers is the rise of prepared foods. In essence, grocery stores are adding restaurant-type services.

According to a report from Statista, the most commonly purchased prepared foods in a grocery store or retail setting are hot dinner entrées. Side dishes and salads are next, with the third most popular type of prepared food sales being pizza.

It’s advantageous for grocery operators to consider and expand prepared foods as a profit center, but there are important considerations before moving forward. For example, it’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many prepare food programs. The large salad bars and heated buffets could be in jeopardy as we look at the future of prepared foodservice in groceries. According to the Technomic report, Supermarket Foodservice: State of the Channel – Winter 2020, 56 percent of consumers considered self-serve food and salad bars to be on the sanitary side before COVID, with only 40 percent expressing confidence currently.

This points to an emphasis on in-house preparation and service — eliminating the need for customer engagement — as the ideal choice for the immediate and likely into the future. Minimum-touch, safe, and sanitary options should remain popular even after a majority of the population receives vaccinations.

It’s time to talk pizza.

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Because of its extreme popularity, its profitability, and its ability to be served in reduced risk situations, pizza has some of the greatest potential in grocery or retail operations. Regardless of how much space is available for prepared foods, in operations large and small, pizza can be powerful.

Consider the Doyon TRIO Ventless Pizza Oven as a prime example of how to turn what can be typically unprofitable spaces into a profit powerhouse. With three decks stacked inside a 27.5 x 34 x 28.5-inch footprint, grocers can add another aspect to prepared foodservice in an easy and efficient way, whether it’s by-the-slice or the whole pie.

Perforated, rotating decks and a reversing fan system that swirls air around the pies will result in pizza that’s perfectly cooked with a crunchy crust. What’s great about the Doyon TRIO Ventless Pizza Oven, though, is it’s capable of much more than pizza. The way these ovens are designed, they’re also great for items like baked breads and even chicken wings.

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