Ventless Cooking Equipment

Versatile and Innovative Ventless Solutions from Middleby

Traditional cooking methods, and the equipment to handle them, will always have their place in our favorite restaurants or commercial kitchens. But versatility is one thing that traditional equipment lacks. With ventless cooking equipment, versatility is what it’s all about.

Middleby’s ventless cooking portfolio is designed to to give any commercial kitchen, both large and space, traditional and non-, the flexibility and freedom to cook anything, anywhere. From cost savings to menu expansion, energy compliance and throughput, ventless solutions are an ideal component for any foodservice operation looking to transform their processes.

It’s time to lose the hood for good.

1 – Execute Any Menu with Ventless Equipment

One myth about ventless cooking is that your menu is limited. Sure, you can cook a pizza, but don’t you need a fryer for wings? Fortunately, the menu variety available with ventless cooking equipment is as robust as the types of equipment themselves. Ventless ovens, ventless fryers, and ventless cooktops are just a few examples of the cooking solutions at your disposal that no longer require traditional ventilation. Griddles, pizza ovens, mini combis and more have ventless counterparts that allow operators to cook any menu in any location.

2 – Ventless Cooking Keeps up with Demand

In high volume environments like schools or stadiums where diners need to be fed quickly, ventless commercial kitchen equipment cooks rapidly and can be moved into unused spaces where people can be served faster.

For foodservices operations trying to keep up with growing demand, don’t be stuck under a hood. Ventless cooking equipment is versatile enough to cook multiple menu items and often utilizes faster, smarter cooking technologies.

3 – Execute Any Menu with Ventless Equipment

With ventless restaurant cooking equipment, any site can be considered for a foodservice operation. Even non-traditional locations without ventilation are prime spaces for ventless cooking. With ventless hoods and ventless technology, no longer are operators limited by the location of their hood or air systems.

Kiosks, pop-up kitchens, and older legacy buildings may not seem like suitable cooking spaces, when in fact, they are ideal for ventless solutions. With a ventless portfolio, your design and concept is nearly limitless.

4 – Profitability of Ventless Cooking

Ventless cooking for foodservice operations helps expand profit potential by selling in high-traffic areas that aren’t necessarily dining rooms or traditional front-of-house spaces. What was once reserved for just beverage services, hallways, lobbies, and concourses can now offer full menus, cooked on the spot. Plus, the costs associated with traditional ventilation are eliminated.

When we consider the cost of a new hood, installation and maintenance, the expenses quickly pile up. Not to mention exhaust ducting, fans, the fire suppression system, and everything else required for a traditional ventilation system. Free yourself from these costs and open up new profit centers with ventless cooking equipment.

Cooking Solutions from the Ventless Experts.

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