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Pizzerias and pizza restaurants account for nearly 20 percent of all restaurants in the United States. One reason is that successful pizza shops can deliver both quantity and quality with the right ingredients, the right processes, and the right ovens and equipment. In fact, it’s never been easier.

While it might sound simple to start spinning pies into profits, it’s actually a little more complicated. There are many considerations, from pizza style to service style. Some of these choices are dictated by pizzeria owners and operators, while others are more situational, such as kitchen size, the accessibility of HVAC, and even location.


1 – Pizza Trends

To say pizza is popular is an understatement. Every second, an average of 350 slices of pizza are sold in the United States, accounting for more than $40 billion in sales every year. These profits are driven by trends, from pizza styles to how and where pizzas are consumed. The latest pizza trends go beyond just the latest ingredient stuffed inside a crust. It’s important to stay on top of commercial pizza oven trends, statistics for pizza delivery and takeout, and pizza industry challenges that are affecting both pizza chains and independent pizzerias alike.

2 – Pizza Delivery and Takeout Solutions

Even before the onset of COVID, pizza was one of the most-ordered foods when it comes to delivery and takeout. After COVID, it became even more popular. Pizza delivery and takeout can be challenging, and customer demands are high. Unfortunately, it only takes a handful of bad reviews to steer new customers astray.

If your pizza operation isn’t equipped with tools to set your takeout and delivery program up for success, it’s time to consider how other operators are navigating this dominant pizza trend. Contact-free holding cabinets, versatile heated pizza delivery units, and labor-saving automation are just a few examples of new technology that can elevate your pizza delivery program.

3 – How to Choose a Commercial Pizza Oven

Finding the right pizza oven depends on a wide variety of factors — style of pizza, volume, kitchen space, and more. It’s important to learn the differences between pizza ovens to make your pizza restaurant as profitable as possible. Are you looking to increase automation in your pizza cooking process? Or perhaps baking pizzas inside a ghost kitchen with limited space? Maybe looking to go ventless in your pizza cooking process? There’s a solution waiting for you.

4 – Pizza Preparation Equipment and Supplies

A successful pizza program requires more than just an oven. From dough mixers to prep tables, it’s important to build a battery of pizza equipment and supplies to make an operation more efficient, preserve quality, and enhance profitability.

There are a number of equipment options to better help operators getting started with a pizza restaurant or upgrading their current pizza operation. From the crust to the toppings, finding the right pizza equipment and supplies can be easy, with Middleby’s help.

5 – Going Beyond Pizza

It might be hard to believe, but there’s more to life — and foodservice — than just pizza. From adding pizza as a type of service in grocery stores or c-stores to using pizza ovens to cook other menu items, thinking outside the delivery box and going beyond pizza can be a great way to attract new customers. Are there pizza solutions that can do the jobs of multiple pieces of equipment? How can you make your pizza operation profitable with more than just pizza?

6 – Pizza Tools & Resources

Middleby is your commercial pizza oven and equipment resource. If you’re looking to tap into the ghost kitchen trend with a new pizza concept, we encourage you to experience our interactive ghost kitchen layouts to help you learn more about the pizza tools available to you. There’s no better way to find the right commercial pizza oven than to get your hands on some dough and schedule a cooking demonstration with your local manufacturer’s rep. There, you will find the right pizza oven based on your operation’s needs, and test the equipment out for yourself!



7 – Pizza Oven Buying Guide

The Middleby pizza oven buying guide is a helpful tool to find a commercial pizza oven that fits your needs. Once you answer four initial questions you will see oven results based on your answers. You will have the opportunity to filter ovens further by selecting dimensions, cooking levels, pizza type, and much more. You can also compare up to four models and email the comparison.

Have fun looking for your next pizza oven!

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