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Turn your beverage program into a revenue driver.

While food often takes center stage, beverages shouldn’t always be in a supporting role. In fact, an efficient beverage program can be one of the biggest profit generators for foodservice operations.

In order to deliver quality beverage service, operators should be mindful of the latest beverage trends and how those trends can apply to their current menu. If there’s an opportunity to expand a beverage menu, what beverage equipment is best suited to make that happen?

Middleby’s beverage resources cover equipment and solutions from coffee to cocktails in the commercial foodservice space. Is your coffee program leaving revenue on the table? How does your ice impact profitability? Middleby Beverage Solutions are here to equip every type of beverage program with the tools to offer more high-quality drinks in more profitable ways.

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1 – Popular Beverage Trends

Beverages can be some of the most profitable menu items in a foodservice operation, and in many cases, are the heart of the operation. Just like on the food side of food and beverage, keeping up with trends is critical to a profitable beverage business. Our beverage team is constantly looking for the latest and greatest to help you grow your business. From the latest flavor infusions to understanding the growing trend of coffee bar by day, cocktail bar by night, we can help you stay ahead of the ever-changing worlds of coffee, beer, tea, cocktails, and more.

2 – Coffee and Profitability

By just about any measure, coffee consumption in the United States is at an all-time high. Statistics from the National Coffee Association back that up. In 2021, 36% of Americans drank specialty coffee like lattes and cappuccinos, each day, with a majority of it likely to be consumed outside of the home.

We like to ask one simple question. Why? The answer is a bit more complex, but over the last decade and certainly over the last few years, the variety of coffee beverages has driven much of the coffee segment growth. From flavored lattés to nitro cold brew, the expressions of coffee are almost as wide-ranging as those who drink them.

3 – Beverage Menu Expansion

Just like food menus, beverage menu expansion is an important part of profitability. Consumers expect to have choices, and for the operators who are willing to grow their offerings, those choices can attract consumers.

Beverage choices can mean a lot of things. From the full breadth of premium coffee beverages to cocktails and the zero-proof movement, providing variety is a great way to cultivate profits.

4 – How to Choose a Commercial Ice Machine

As many food and beverage operators will tell you, ice is food. It should be held to the same safety standards, and it comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on the use case. In fact, many consumers will make beverage selections based on the type of ice an operation provides.

We believe ice is that important, and it can have great impacts on all types of operations in a wide range of foodservice applications. From ice sanitation solutions in hospitals to the ever-popular Chewblet® ice in your soft drink, look no further for ice solutions.

5 – Crafting Adult Beverages

Adult beverages extend well beyond a draft beer or a shot of whiskey. Cocktails and draft beer to-go, ready to drink frozen cocktails, a booming hard seltzer category – all profitable new ways to deliver adult beverages to the consumer in non-traditional ways.

Guests’ dining habits have evolved in recent years, and restaurants, bars, and breweries are finding innovative ways to adapt their adult beverage menus to tap into these growing trends.

6 – Coffee ROI Calculator

Is drip coffee making you money? What about a flavored latte? Are you charging enough on your beverage menu to make a profit? Crunch the numbers and uncover a profitable coffee program with Beverage Calculators from Middleby.

Just how quickly can an automated espresso machine make a profit? Use the Concordia ROI Calculator to find out for yourself!

What coffee drinks cost the most to make? What revenue-generating drinks should get a bigger focus on your menu? Use the Drink Cost Calculator to identify profitable drinks.


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