Food Processing

Stewart Systems

Stewart Systems is one of the American leaders in bakery equipment, offering complete lines for the High-Volume Bread and Bun industry. The lines of Stewart Systems handle the baking process all the way from Make-up Equipment to Basket Stacking & Unstacking.

The company is best known for its conveyorized proof and bake systems as it offers the most uniform bake in the industry for high volume bread and roll products baked in a pan. This is because every pan follows the same path coupled with the most advanced combustion and air recirculation systems that can be found in industrial ovens today. Stewart strives to provide the lowest cost of ownership and an outstanding user experience.

Being part of Middleby means that Stewart Systems has a global servicing team and more than 10 office locations with Parts & Services globally. Global office locations to date are: Mexico, Brazil, UK, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, the Middle East, China, India and Australia.