Scanico has delivered innovative solutions to customer needs since 1989, focusing on development and manufacture of high-quality industrial freezing and chilling systems. Scanico’s systems are designed to ensure high productivity and finished food products that match the highest quality demands of our customers. Scanico is a leading supplier of highly efficient impingement (patented) and spiral systems – freezers, chillers, proofers and steamers/ pasteurizers for all further processed product.


  • Unique airflow resulting in fast freezing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sanitary design
  • Highest production uptime between defrost

Flexibility is in Scanico’s DNA. Each systemis custom-made and designed in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Scanico technology adds value to production plants throughout the world.

Continuous bacon smoking line, perfect for:

  • Cooking
  • Smoking
  • Chilling

Custom made solutions:

  • Direct steam
  • Heating / drying
  • Direct smoke
  • Traditional smoke
  • Friction smoke


Scanico manufactures spiral systems for different purposes within the food processing industry including:

IQF freezing, chilling, steaming and proofing. The use of stainless steel and foodstuff approved plastic for all surfaces with direct product contact ensures a high hygiene standard.

In addition to standard non-stacking spiral systems, Scanico can supply the unique Single Stacking Spiral with the following advantages:

  • Adequate space between the tiers available for products
  • Less cleaning, due to fewer belt supports
  • No risk of product jam, less waste and maximum uptime
  • The most compact spiral on the market
  • The most energy-effective spiral on the market


With a Scanico TwinImp impingement freezer, the freezing and chilling times are equal to cryogenic methods. The results are:

  • Increased yield
  • Better product quality and appearance
  • A higher degree of food safety
  • Lower production costs

The Scanico TwinImp impingement freezer is ideal for freezing thin products and for most chilling applications. The advantages of the quick freezing / chilling times are:

  • Minimum product dehydration
  • Maximum product quality
  • Low operating costs
  • All with easier and faster cleaning