Foodservice and Beverage

Powerhouse Dynamics

Founded in 2009 and acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2019, Powerhouse Dynamics is the leading provider of ”Internet of Things” (IoT)-based solutions to connect, analyze and control equipment and deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies to portfolios of commercial facilities.

Open Kitchen is a platform that connects commercial kitchen equipment to the Cloud, providing remote access to critical data-enabling, real-time performance monitoring. Foodservice operators and retailers are afforded a single view of their kitchen operations across all locations and all equipment.

Offering three applications that include “Connected Equipment,” “Food Safety,” and “Equipment and Energy Management,” – all as part of a Level 1 PCI Certified secure platform — Open Kitchen enables users to:

· Centralize HVAC, lighting, and equipment control to balance customer comfort and energy use with remote controls, monitoring and analytics

· Remotely distribute recipes and menus to ovens, fryers, and other critical equipment

· Monitor food prep and storage temperatures 24/7 via both direct equipment connectivity and, where appropriate, self-installable wireless sensors

· Leverage real-time, escalating alerts to be warned about food not stored or prepared at the proper temperatures or prepared for the right amount of time

· View proactive, configurable exception reports to spot equipment that may not be performing properly, consuming (oil, water, sanitizer, etc.) more than it should be, or not being operated properly

· Easily digitize checklists and capture temperature data that cannot be automated (using a Bluetooth probe) with a highly configurable mobile app that can even be used offline

· Track corrective actions taken – or not taken

· Fully automate HACCP Food Safety Reporting, and easily archive, search and distribute reports

To learn how operators connect equipment, maximize energy and equipment maintenance savings and enhance food safety and quality with minimal staff effort, visit our website.