Modified Atmosphere Packaging, also known as MAP packaging equipment, is at the heart of everything M-TEK stands for. We preserve, protect and extend the shelf life of your products, whether individual bags, lined cases, bulk-bin, totes, Gaylords, barrel, or super-sacks, M-TEK has a proven solution.

As a true OEM, M-TEK actually manufactures our machines from the ground up. By partnering with M-TEK you get, superior engineering, better value, lower prices, faster delivery, and excellent after-sales support.

Multi-station units incorporates all the features customers have requested over the years while providing the safest, most sanitary and well thought out MAP packaging machine of its kind on the market.  Available in 2, 3, 4 or more stations allowing for unprecedented flexibility and now with higher MAP packaging speeds. Each module includes its own infeed as well as outfeed belt. Start with 2 or three stations and easily add a 3rd or fourth module in minutes as they interface and communicate by simply connecting a water-tight cable.

The packaging solutions you need for:  Cheese, IQF, Meat, Nuts, Produce, Poultry, Powders, Seafood