Food Processing

Filtration Automation

Filtration Automation Hot Oil Solution – safe, environmentally friendly and globally accepted. Filters run at 80gpm high volumes to meet the needs of today’s production lines and remain at 10psi or less at any given time. We do not rely on any paper medias or powder intervention that ends up in our landfills.  We use a durable stainless-steel screen that can last an extended amount of time and can be recycled with a value.

The system not only filters your oil but also polishes the oil upon return to the fryer, this extends the life of the oil and delivers a more consistent level of quality. Discoloration, odors, and polar solid counts are removed which lowers the rise of FFA that has been affecting the product.  C02 output is also lowered with this polishing process which lessens the carbon footprint in today’s environment.